“big problem” – VAR made a mistake in Red Card decision says Carragher

jamie carragher on Liverpool news

Jamie Carragher has expressed frustration with the use of VAR in football, particularly with how referees are shown footage when reviewing decisions.

His comments come after Curtis Jones received a yellow card for a challenge on Yves Bissouma in Liverpool’s recent match against Tottenham.

Referee Simon Hooper later upgraded the card to red after consulting VAR.

Carragher on VAR Red Card Curtis Jones

Liverpool have appealed the decision in hopes of overturning Jones’ three-match ban, but Carragher believes it’s unlikely to succeed.

“I think it probably split people in terms of how you saw it,”

Admitted Carragher on Sky Sports.

“My big problem was what the referee was shown when he went to the VAR monitor and how they got to that decision.

People feel that the referee is going to the monitor to have a second look, this is not true, this doesn’t happen.

He’s getting taken to the monitor to show why he’s made a mistake, we’ve got to get that into our heads with VAR.”

His main concern is that the footage shown to the referee on the VAR monitor doesn’t provide a fair representation of the situation.

Carragher clarified that when a referee goes to the VAR monitor, it’s not for a second look but to be shown why they made a mistake.

He believes that referees should watch incidents at full speed to give them a better understanding of what happened.

He’s critical of the practice of slowing down footage, stating that it doesn’t accurately reflect the real-time nature of the game.

In summary, Carragher is advocating for a more transparent and fair use of VAR, where referees are allowed to make their own decisions after viewing incidents at full speed rather than being guided to change their initial calls based on slowed-down footage.

Liverpool’s appeal against Jones’ ban may also face the risk of an extended suspension if it’s deemed frivolous.

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