Premier League to bow to Liverpool despite PGMOL ‘split’ over Reds request

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Liverpool

Liverpool had a goal disallowed for offside during their match against Tottenham, leading to controversy in the Premier League.

The league is now considering the release of audio recordings of the VAR decision that led to the disallowed goal.

Although there is disagreement within the referees’ organization (PGMOL) about whether Liverpool should be granted access to these recordings, they may ultimately be provided.

In the game, Liverpool believed they had taken the lead when Luis Diaz scored, but the assistant referee raised the offside flag.

Upon VAR review, it was found that VAR officials mistakenly believed that the on-field referee had allowed the goal, leading them to issue ‘check complete’ instructions instead of advising the referee to award the goal.

Unfortunately, by the time the error was realized, the match had resumed, and it was too late to rectify the situation.

Liverpool expressed their frustration at this mistake, emphasizing that it undermined the integrity of the game.

They subsequently requested access to the audio recordings of the officials’ conversations during the incident.

Premier League chief to take responsibility for disallowed Liverpool goal incident

Reports from Daily Mail suggest, that there are differing opinions within PGMOL about how to handle this situation, with referee chief Howard Webb wanting to take responsibility for the incident, while others have differing views.

A meeting is scheduled to determine when and how the audio recordings will be released, as a review of the incident is still ongoing.

Ultimately, it appears that Liverpool will be granted access to the audio files they have requested.

In the match itself, Liverpool was reduced to 10 men following Curtis Jones’s sending-off, and Tottenham eventually secured a 2-1 victory.

Liverpool also had to contend with being reduced to nine men after Diogo Jota was dismissed. The winning goal for Tottenham came when Joel Matip scored an own goal.

Liverpool issued a statement acknowledging PGMOL’s admission of their mistakes, highlighting that the proper application of the rules was not followed, which had an adverse impact on the integrity of the sport.

They also mentioned their intention to explore various options for resolution.

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