‘I regret’: Frank Lampard now makes admission about £300k-a-week Liverpool man last night

‘I regret’: Frank Lampard now makes admission about £300k-a-week Liverpool man last night

Frank Lampard has expressed regret for the choice of language he used during a touchline altercation with Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, while he was in charge of Chelsea.

This incident occurred in 2020 during a match at Anfield when the stadium was empty due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The argument between Lampard and Klopp was sparked by a perceived foul during the game. Lampard taunted Klopp by mentioning that he had won only one Premier League title, which escalated the dispute.

Because there were no fans in the stadium, the microphones on the touchline captured their exchange, making it more audible to viewers.

Liverpool ultimately won the game, and this incident was recently brought up by Jamie Carragher during a Sky Sports broadcast.

Carragher mentioned that Lampard still held onto the rivalry with Liverpool even during his time as Chelsea’s manager.

“What I thought was interesting was when you talk about that rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool. You actually still took it when you were a manager at Chelsea, didn’t you?!”

Said Carragher

Frank Lampard on his rivalry with Klopp

In response, Lampard laughed and acknowledged that he indeed held onto the rivalry with Klopp.

“Yeah, I did. With Jurgen? It will probably never leave me, I guess.”

Said Lampard

He admitted regret over the strong language he used during the altercation, particularly because his 13-year-old daughter was watching and advised him not to be proud of it.

While he regretted some of the language, he emphasized that he didn’t regret the emotions he felt at the time.

Lampard, who is now 45 years old, has faced challenges in his managerial career, having been sacked by Chelsea during his first stint and encountering difficulties at Everton.

It remains to be seen if he will secure another Premier League managerial position, as he may need to rebuild his career in a lower division after facing setbacks.

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