Anfield Stadium based in the Liverpool city of England.

Anfield Home Guide: The Complete Fan Experience

Looking to witness the European nights or Premier League outings to support Liverpool? The Anfield Home understands that there are […]

Looking to witness the European nights or Premier League outings to support Liverpool? The Anfield Home understands that there are several factors that one needs to consider.

The Anfield Home provides a complete guide for the Reds supporters. Whether it be where to purchase tickets, where to sit in the stadium, how to get to the stadium, or what songs to learn, below is an extensive guide that will allow each one of you to have a safe, fun, relaxing, and stress-free experience.

Purchasing Tickets…

Purchase tickets only from one of the official sale point. We recommend you to purchase tickets from the official Liverpool website i.e.

Note: Do not buy tickets on viagogo or other unauthorized online shops, nor from strangers! When purchasing tickets, you need to provide a piece of identification (ID) and take that same ID to the match.

To know the procedure of purchasing tickets click here.


For Premier League matches played at Anfield:

For European Cup games played at Anfield:

For Domestic Cup games (FA Cup or League Cup) played at Anfield

For Hospitality Packages

Deciding Where to Sit inside the Anfield Stadium…

With a capacity of around 54,074, the Anfield stadium is divided into four major sectors/stands. Namely The Kop, The Anfield Road End, Main Stand, Kenny Dalglish Stand. Let’s have a deep look into each stand to have an understanding of the different types of experiences you will cover under each sector.

The Kop

The Kop stand atmosphere in Liverpool vs Barcelona UCL Semi finals.

If you want to witness one of the best atmospheres at Anfield the famous Kop stand is made for you. The total capacity consists of approximately 13,000 people. Moreover, The Kop stand was once the biggest single-tier structure in Britain.

It also reminiscences the memories of a historic match against Barcelona in the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals in 2019. This is the stand that witnessed the famous recalling of the Liverpool FC group standing together in front of The Kop stand.

The Anfield Road End

The Anfield Road End inside the Anfield Stadium.

If you want to witness the atmosphere of the away side or if you are supporting the opponents of Liverpool this stand is for you. As the away supporters sits in the lower tier of the Anfield Road end. This stand is exactly opposite to the Kop stand.

It is a Two-tier North-East facing end stand holding up to 9,116 people including away fans. However, the current redevelopment might add up to a further 4,800 seats.

Main Stand 

The newly rebuld Main stand inside the Anfield Stadium

If you want to witness the best view in terms of watching a football match this stand is made for you. Moreover, it is a newly built stand opened in September 2016. Thus, by adding 8,500 more seats to a new three-tier stand the Reds increased the overall capacity to over 54 thousand fans in total.

The stand faces the North-West and contains the dugout, tunnel and dressing rooms as well as some new executive areas, hospitality and corporate seating. The Main stand has a capacity of holding on to approx 20,676 fans.

Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

Kenny Dalglish Stand inside the Anfield Stadium.

If you want to witness one of the best views in the stadium to analyze a football match as a spectator, this stand is made for you. Purchasing the tickets for the centre seats in The Kenny Dalglish Stand gives you the best view in the house.

The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand, as its name suggests, is in honour of the legendary former player and manager. It hosts executive boxes and the banquet lounge, as well as a PA box, TV set and police operations room. Thus, it can hold up to a capacity of around 11,762 football fans.

Way to Anfield

Confused about choosing an appropriate option for reaching the stadium? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Listed in the picture below are all of the possible methods of transportation (car, bus, train, or air) to get to the Anfield Stadium.

Anfield Home - How to reach the Anfield Stadium

Anfield is a traditional inner-city residential area in the city of Liverpool and as a consequence transport links are not as developed as some other inner-city stadiums.


If you live near the stadium you are lucky to get free parking. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to get free parking as it requires residential permits within a mile or so. Apart from that, the car parking charges generally range from £5-20 depending upon how close you want to park. Moreover, the parking facility is only available if you book in advance. Other options include parking on local residents driveways for a small fee.


Irrespective of the time frame around which the stadium was built, it never stops surprising you with its modern Infrastructure. Moreover, the current owners have also decided to increase the capacity and redevelop the stadium. Hygiene is the key as they believe and thus keep the arena always clean and maintained.

Anfield's new Kop fan bar is now open for home supporters to enjoy every matchday.

Moving on, all stands have concourses with bars, toilets and match day programme sellers. Disabled access in all stands. Just beneath the Kop stand, there is a stadium shop to purchase your supporting props. Moreover, the museum and stadium tour can be accessed by the same entrance.

Meanwhile, the counter to purchase tickets is located opposite the Kop stand. If you miss your meal on Matchday don’t worry there are plenty of cafes and Chinese chip shops around the ground to satisfy your hunger. Further, if you looking for a proper restaurant search around the city centre, where you will have enough options to please your cravings.

Apart from that, Anfield Home always recommend getting inside the stadium at least 30 minutes before the kick-off. Thus, it will help you in feeling the aura of the pre-match atmosphere.

Advice from Renowned People

Tony Barrett (Head of Club and Supporter Liaison at LFC)@TonyBarrett

I think those visiting Anfield for the first time these days make up a large proportion of the numbers attending a game. Unfortunately, they’ve more often than not been brainwashed by the TV companies and think there’s a format they should adhere to which is far removed from the real thing.

I’d tell anybody making their Anfield ‘debut’ to know what made Anfield famous and that’s not just the team. My Liverpool roots came from my mother’s side of the family and although we didn’t live on Merseyside the doctrine she instilled in me made sure I knew what Liverpool, the city, was all about long before I was old enough to travel on my own.

If I travel abroad, even for a few days holiday, I like to find out about local culture, those coming to Anfield should try and do the same but sadly some don’t.

James Pearce (Journalist) – @JamesPearceEcho

Get there early, have a good look around, talk to people, take photos, and write down or record your experiences while you remember them.

Matt Smith (Presenter) – @msmith850

I’d suggest they get there super early as the atmosphere builds over a few hours. I’d also suggest they go to the Hillsborough Memorial now situated in the Main Stand to pay their respects to the 96. Then have a good walk around the stadium as the new Main Stand is impressive.

Also check out the local pubs and get a few pints in as there’s usually a good atmosphere before the game. If they have time maybe even book an Anfield Tour with the club itself, they’re not too expensive and I’ve taken a few Anfield Index contributors on them if they’ve visited for the first time.

If you really have time you should come even earlier and get yourself over to the docks too—they’ll not be disappointed!

If you are reading this you know what the next words are going to be“You’ll never walk alone”. The anthem of Liverpool football club and Anfield. This song is generally sung by the fans before the kick-off when players are taking their respective positions on the field. Moreover, it is also sung after the final whistle blows. Thus, to have a completely satisfying experience this must be known.

Thereafter, “Allez, Allez, Allez”, a well-known song for the European champions. This song is sung during the match when Liverpool are generally leading the game. Apart from this, there are several other songs being made by the fans to cherish the Liverpool players such as “The Egyptian King song”. “The Bobby Firmino song”. And this goes on with the new arrival of any player who joins the club.

Anfield Home hope you have a pleasing experience after visiting the Anfield Stadium. Thereafter, If you are inside the Anfield stadium one thing is for sure

“You’ll never walk alone”.

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