Magnificent Mo: Klopp Declares Salah ‘Absolutely Outstanding’ After Spectacular Spurs Win!

Magnificent Mo: Klopp Declares Salah ‘Absolutely Outstanding’ After Spectacular Spurs Win!

Liverpool secured a vital 4-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League, with manager Jurgen Klopp lauding Mohamed Salah as ‘absolutely outstanding.’

The German manager told Sky Sports:

“We are outstanding until we are not. It was a really good game.

Tottenham can put pressure on Aston Villa again for the Champions League.

In high performance things, you need a spark.”

Despite Klopp’s impending departure from Anfield, he expressed his love for the club and found solace in the day’s result.

The win keeps Liverpool’s slim hopes of clinching the Premier League title alive, although they are more likely to secure third place.

“I would say three points is enough and the boys thought that. Anfield was a special place today.

We were 4-0 up, I made the changes and we lost organisation. Tottenham showed how good they could be.

I was happy with the performance. We were good in pretty much all areas offensively. The passes were good. So many things were good.

We stayed calm. As long as they don’t break the lines then it’s fine, let them pass. I liked our game a lot. The goals were outstanding.”

Klopp Heaps Praise On Salah

Salah, who returned to the starting lineup after a week of speculation about his future, showed his quality by opening the scoring and contributing to Andy Robertson’s goal.

Klopp and Salah were involved in a touchline spat during Liverpool’s draw at West Ham in the Premier League

Klopp’s praise comes after a touchline spat between him and Salah during the previous week’s match against West Ham. Klopp said after the win,

“Mo was outstanding, he played a really good game. His side with Harvey [Elliott] was good. I was pleased for him.

None of the boys want to play not great, why would they?

Mo showed what he is capable of. You do it when you do it and if you miss it, then you miss it.

If we win all three then we can achieve the fifth highest points tally of Liverpool.”

‘Love Absolutely Everything About This Club’

Klopp hinted at an emotional farewell during Liverpool’s final home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers. He is anticipating rain as a fitting backdrop for the occasion. He added,

“I would be lying if I said I was at my highest emotion but I have another game.

In two weeks’ time is another day. I have said it before, I love absolutely everything about this club.

We will see how this game will be. Maybe it’s pouring down and we cannot stay outside for long.

There’s a good chance it’ll be raining, by the way.”

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