‘Our understanding’: Sky reporter shares what Liverpool officials said to referee at half-time vs Spurs

‘Our understanding’: Sky reporter shares what Liverpool officials said to referee at half-time vs Spurs

Liverpool officials were the first to inform referee Simon Hooper about his mistake in disallowing Luis Diaz’s goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

The controversial incident, where Diaz’s first-half goal was incorrectly ruled out, has been widely discussed and criticized.

Interestingly, it has come to light that the on-field officials were not informed of the error until halftime.

In fact, it appears that Liverpool officials were the ones who initially brought the error to their attention.

This revelation is significant because there were initial suggestions that referee Hooper might have been aware of the mistake shortly after the goal was disallowed, but the VAR protocols prevented a correction at that time.

Dave Jones on what Liverpool officials said to the referee

During the discussion, Jamie Carragher (Via Sky Sports) shared some intriguing perspectives, and the show’s host, Dave Jones, contributed an interesting piece of information as well. Jones mentioned,

“It is our understanding that the on-field officials were not made aware of the decision until half-time. So they didn’t know there was anything wrong until the interval and I think it might have been Liverpool officials who made them aware of it to start with.”

Regardless of whether Hooper knew about the error or not, the primary responsibility for the blunder lies with the VAR officials.

They would have recognized the error almost immediately and should have advised Hooper on the appropriate course of action. If, as suggested, they failed to do so, it only underscores their incompetence in handling the situation.

In any case, it should not be the responsibility of the team affected by the incorrect decision to inform the referee’s team about what their colleagues had already seen.

Liverpool are justified in vigorously contesting this mistake, as the VAR officials bear the primary responsibility for ensuring the correctness of officiating decisions.

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