Jurgen Klopp gets angry on the “wrong reporter” after Wolves defeat

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The cause of ‘Klopp rage’ at a reporter after Liverpool’s 3-0 loss to Wolves on Saturday has been “exposed” by a well-known journalist.

Liverpool suffered yet another humiliating loss, this time at the hands of Wolves. The Reds manager’s reluctance to respond to a question from a reporter about the team’s sluggish beginnings in games this season has drawn a lot of attention.


“It’s really difficult to talk to you if I’m 100 percent honest. I would prefer not to do that. You know why, for all the things you wrote. If somebody else wants to ask that question then I’ll answer it.”

Jurgen Klopp raged at the wrong reporter

Klopp‘s remark, according to Henry Winter of the Times, was in response to a piece written a day earlier that singled out Andreas Kornmayer, the club’s director of health and conditioning, as someone who “wields too much authority and is difficult to deal with.”

Winter referred to the German’s answer as “ill-judged,” although the journalist Klopp declined to talk to was not the author of the disputed story. Because he cares, he wanted to call people out for their criticism of Andreas Kornmayer, his head of fitness and conditioning.

There had been considerable speculation linking Klopp’s rejection to an article from October 2021 that he had criticized for disseminating “false news.” Winter’s knowledge, however, would imply that the Liverpool manager was not pleased that Kornmayer had been singled out as a problematic member of his coaching staff.

Kornmayer as Klopp’s trusted stuff

After spending more than 15 years with Bayern Munich, Kornmayer eventually joined Liverpool in 2016. He often collaborates with Klopp and the players. According to the article Jim Moxon, the club doctor, left in August due to “increasing tension inside the medical realm between the physiotherapists and sports scientists,” which Klopp is rumored to be dissatisfied with.

Additionally, it was asserted that Philipp Jacobsen, the club’s previous head of performance who resigned in 2020, found it “almost difficult” to organize the medical division. A Liverpool employee was quoted as saying that certain influential people had “gained too much authority” and that there was “less confidence” in the club’s major choices.

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