Man City’s charges explained: How it affects Liverpool


The Premier League revealed the surprising news in a 736-word statement accusing Manchester City of breaking the rules in order to succeed.

Man City’s charges

Premier League accused City of not presenting correct financial information. In particular with relation to its income (including sponsorship money), its linked parties, and its running expenditures.
The Premier League also accused City of failing to completely disclose management pay over a four-year period. These were from 2009-10 to 2012-13, when Roberto Mancini was in charge.

The Premier League has also claimed that City did not follow UEFA laws. The laws were on club licensing and financial fair play in 2013-14, as well as between 2014-15 and 2017-18.

In February 2020, UEFA barred City from participating in European tournaments for two years due to alleged violations of the FFP standards. However, the sentence was reversed in July of that year by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

We shouldn’t read too much into the delay in terms of the Premier League vs Manchester City. That is certainly the feeling among some Manchester City fans.

However, the latest delay in releasing the government’s answer to the fan-led study conducted by former sports minister Tracey Crouch in November 2021. This is due to the UK government’s desire to generate some much-needed good media attention.

The white paper, which is likely to outline laws for the establishment of an independent football regulator, has been in the works for months.

City’s response

City expressed “surprise” at the Premier League’s allegations and rebuffed claims that they had not cooperated fully with the probe.

The club said in a statement particularly considering the considerable engagement. The club welcomes the assessment of this situation by an independent panel. To impartially evaluate the substantial body of indisputable information that exists in support of its stance. “As a result, we look forward to putting this subject to rest once and for all.”

The allegations were first revealed to club executives on Monday morning during a teleconference with the Premier League. Which was still in progress when the news broke.

City also took notice of the timing of the Premier League’s statement. Which they feel is related to the upcoming white paper on football governance. But City believes the Premier League utilized the delay to demonstrate its ability to rule in the face of calls for an independent regulator (more on that below).

City successfully appealed against UEFA’s two-year Champions League suspension at CAS in 2020.

Punishments Manchester City could face and what it means for Liverpool

The potential penalties are stated in Premier League regulation W.51. Which has a number of measures for the panel to examine if City is found to have breached the rules.

Sanctions vary from a warning and a fine to point deductions and, in extreme cases, banishment from the Premier League.

Any points reduction might be enforced immediately or retroactively. Raising the possibility of City losing championships.

“I would think that if there is a points deduction, it will be imposed moving forward. In general, panels dislike choosing titles in a legal proceeding. This method does not result in a genuine, concrete consequence for the club.”

James Hill, an Onside Law legal director specialising in sports regulatory problems.

Therefore, there’s only a slight chance that the Reds are awarded titles.

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