Luis Diaz gives an injury update via a video on Sky Sports

Luis Diaz injury update

The struggling Liverpool receives an injury boost as Luis Diaz gives an update to Sky Sports about his injury and an approximate return. Will his much-anticipated return have a positive impact on the Reds’ performance?

Luis Diaz, the Reds forward who has been injured since October, has said that he would be “back soon.” Diaz has been forced to observe from the sidelines as Liverpool’s performance have gotten bad to worse this season. The Colombian now claims to be close to returning, according to a video message posted on Twitter by Sky Sports Premier League.


“Liverpool fans! I hope to be back soon”

We now got a ton of good news, on top of Diogo Jota, Roberto Firmino, Virgil van Dijk, and Arthur Melo returning yesterday!

Luis Diaz updates on his injury return

Since Diaz’s injury on October 9 at the Emirates, it has been a trying period for Liverpool supporters. How Lucho has been missed. Of course, Diaz hasn’t been the only player we’ve yearned to see back on the field. As the goals have dried up, Jota and Firmino in particular have been severely missed.

You couldn’t help but want for some of Diaz’s enthusiasm in particular as Jurgen Klopp’s team turned in lifeless performance after lifeless performances. The 26-year-old also appeared to be developing a strong relationship with Darwin Nunez just before his injury. The two South Americans very much have it all when it comes to attacking.

Diaz to pick up where he left off

Nunez delivers the steel, while Diaz adds the quickness. Lucho makes up for Darwin’s lack of poise with his exceptional finishing skills. We anticipate that the two will give anybody they encounter in the future unending problems. But right now, it seems like a very long way off.

Not being able to witness Diaz build on his impressive start at Liverpool has been really upsetting. After accomplishing so much so rapidly, he now appears to be playing catch up. But when we first see him speeding down the left wing again, all that annoyance will be gone. We can only hope that there are no more setbacks.

Liverpool are beginning to seem like they have goals in them once more now that Jota and Firmino have already returned and Gakpo is fitting in more, at least on paper. Fans need you, Diaz, so return soon!

The Liverpool forward is expected to return next month and we hope he picks up from where he left off!

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