Liverpool’s 2 surprise visitors at the AXA – including manager sacked a day before

Liverpool’s 2 surprise visitors at the AXA – including manager sacked a day before

This week, the AXA Training Centre in Liverpool welcomed two unexpected guests, leaving fans and followers intrigued about their purpose. The training center, Liverpool FC’s base since 2020, has been known to attract former players and staff. However, this week’s visitors, Adam Bogdan, and Joey Barton, added an element of surprise to the usual routine

Adam Bogdan: A Familiar Face Returns

Adam Bogdan, a name familiar to Liverpool fans, was among the visitors. The former goalkeeper shared an Instagram image with fellow Hungarian, Dominik Szoboszlai, suggesting an impromptu visit.

Bogdan had a brief stint at Liverpool, making only six senior appearances during the 2015/16 season. Afterward, a series of loan moves led to his departure in 2019.

He is currently a free agent after leaving Hungarian champions Ferencvaros earlier this year. The reason behind his visit remains a mystery, but it’s likely related to coaching or sharing insights from his experience.

Dominik Szoboszlai: Liverpool’s Fourth Hungarian

Dominik Szoboszlai, Liverpool’s most recent Hungarian acquisition, made headlines with his £60 million move from Leipzig in July.

He became the fourth Hungarian player in the club’s history, joining the ranks of Istvan Kozma and Peter Gulacsi.

While it’s unclear why he visited the training center with Bogdan, it may signify a growing bond between Liverpool’s Hungarian players or a shared training session.

Joey Barton: A Peculiar Guest

The second guest, Joey Barton, added an element of surprise. A former Premier League midfielder, Barton had a remarkable playing career, featuring for clubs like Man City, Newcastle, QPR, and Burnley.

His transition to management saw him spend nearly three years at Fleetwood Town before joining Bristol Rovers in February 2021.

However, Barton’s managerial stint at Bristol Rovers recently ended, leaving him available for new opportunities.

He, too, paid a visit to the AXA Training Centre, hinting at possible involvement in coaching or mentoring.

Visits of Bogdan and Barton

The unexpected visits of Adam Bogdan and Joey Barton to the AXA Training Centre in Liverpool have sparked curiosity among fans and followers.

While the purpose of their visits remains unclear, it is likely related to coaching or mentoring, given their respective stages in their careers.

Liverpool enthusiasts will be eagerly awaiting further developments and insights into the reasons behind these surprise appearances at the club’s training facility.

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