Liverpool and Everton fans unite to battle violence

Liverpool Everton fans

Liverpool and Everton fans unite to fight against knife and gun violence in the city of Liverpool.

The sad shooting deaths of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, 9, Sam Miller, 22, and Ashley Dale, 28, all victims of gun violence, have shocked Liverpool. The tragic loss of young lives has outraged the entire neighbourhood. And there is a strong sense that the killings should be a turning point where people demand a stop to the violence.

All knife and gun crime is abhorrent and the loss of any life to it causes pain and misery for families and the community at large. The murder of an innocent nine-year-old girl in her own home has served as a lightning rod for public opinion. Symbolising the utter hatred felt by the vast majority of people in the city.

Liverpool and Everton fans on derby day

On Saturday, Liverpool takes a short trip to Goodison Park for the Merseyside derby against Everton. The Reds and Blues attending the game have joined together. To express a message of solidarity with the families of the victims. And to say with one voice, “Enough is enough.” 

Both groups of supporters will cross the Bullens divide and raise a banner that reads, “Enough is Enough – Our City in Unity” as a poignant homage. Moreover, they are urging anyone with information about the criminals responsible for these crimes. To come forward and contact the police.

In a statement issued jointly by the Everton Fans’ Forum and Spirit of Shankly, the groups said:

Our city has been shaken in recent weeks by gun and knife crime, including the tragic death of nine year old Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

It’s time for the entire community – blue and red – to come together once again. If you know anything or have any information please let the authorities know. Keeping quiet is not an option.

As a mark of respect for Olivia, her family and all those impacted by gun and knife crime in our city, we ask all supporters to take part in a minutes applause and to sing ‘Merseyside’ when the match clock reaches nine minutes in Saturday’s Merseyside Derby.

Enough is Enough.”

Following her passing, authorities and prominent personalities. Former Liverpool and Everton players, came together to urge unity and solidarity with the phrase “whose side are you on?” in an effort to oppose an alleged “anti-grass culture.”

Although we can be fierce competitors on the field, this city is still as unified as ever when it matters. Is evidenced by the extremely strong message that the Reds and Blues put out at the derby on Saturday.

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