Exclusive: Liverpool set for “monstrous takeover” bid from Qatar

Qatar investment group to takeover Liverpool

An acquisition of Liverpool was hinted at by FSG a few months back. Following one update from an insider from Qatar Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi, Liverpool may follow Manchester United in moving the prospective sale of the club ahead.

According to a tweet from the account in question, the correspondent informed The Anfield Talk that Qatar “are giving priority to the acquisition of Liverpool football club.”

Both Premier League teams appear to be for sale at the moment. And although Liverpool are still having trouble, Manchester United have regained their league rhythm.

Options to level out the Premier League opposition

Owners of the Merseysiders, Fenway Sports Group, were said to have taken a step back from a potential outright sale, preferring to invest instead.

It’s certainly likely that John Henry and company are examining possibilities that would enable us to rapidly level the playing field in light of the necessity for considerable investment in the team, maybe beyond the two or three midfielders our performances this season have revealed is essential.

Even Klopp mentioned the team’s weariness from last year and how it had spread. Liverpool is obviously having trouble, thus steps and investments should be made to help the team rediscover its mojo.

The Qatar connection & Liverpool values

It’s difficult to see how such a move would go down well with Liverpool’s core fan base, even if morally “decent” billionaires are hard to come by, at least to the degree that human rights violations can’t be directly ascribed to them or their organization’s activities.

Even if an offer were to come entirely from the commercial sector, ties to the Qatari government would inevitably emerge and many would understandably wonder if such a deal would uphold the club’s principles.

The Qatar-Liverpool connection is currently the subject of heated discussion. But without a specific guarantee, no one can predict how it will turn out. The time it takes for everyone to learn about this is only a matter of days.

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