Jurgen Klopp discusses the “64 game fatigue” that Liverpool are suffering from last season

Jurgen Klopp on last season

Liverpool played every game they could possibly play in a single campaign last season. And according to Jurgen Klopp, the unheard-of volume of games played last season may have finally caught up with Liverpool.

The Reds were on a roll the previous season, giving every club they faced a close fight for every championship. Klopp’s team won the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup, battled to win the Premier League for the second time in three years, and fell short in the Champions League final by a single goal.

Follow-up injuries from last season

They participated in a campaign in which they played 64 of the matches for which they were qualified. And in addition to the physical exhaustion, there is also the emotional cost to take into account. But due to injury, Klopp’s club has lost five league games this season and currently sits in seventh place going into the weekend, 16 points off the lead held by Arsenal and seven off the top four.

They did, however, easily advance to the knockout stages of the Champions League. When asked if last season had an effect on this, Klopp, who had previously brushed off the ideas, responded, “It must have. ought to. Now, we may state that.

Klopp on last season’s shortcomings

Nobody had ever played so many games before; they may have played that many games, but for different reasons. However, they were in the finals, so they were really performing well. There was no book written about it, no data about it, and nothing about it because they were so high-flying.

The Reds were in a great mood and thought they might have won everything, but then they unexpectedly lose several games. It is how it is. It is possible.


“They all looked fine (at the start of this season) and then it started with Diogo coming back from international duty and getting injured and then ‘Bam, bam, bam’.”

They brought in Artur (on loan from Juventus) earlier in the season since there weren’t any available midfielders, but Artur later sustained an injury.

While Thiago Alcantara (32 in April), Jordan Henderson (33 in June), and Fabinho (29) are Klopp’s first-choice three, the midfield is an area that does require reinforcement given the present troubles up front.

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