Alan Shearer is impressed with what the 26-year-old Liverpool ace did vs Luton

Alan Shearer is impressed with what the 26-year-old Liverpool ace did vs Luton

Liverpool attacker Luis Diaz has impressed former England international Alan Shearer with his performance against Luton Town even with his ongoing family issues.

The Anfield giants drew against Luton Town in their previous game of the PL as they equalized late into the match.

The club shared a point with the Bedfordshire side which put them in third place in the PL points table.

Although the Reds dominated throughout the match, they were caught off guard quite a few times and conceded a goal in the 80th minute.

Since the beginning of the game, the Merseysiders got several chances but were unable to convert them into a goal.

But in the 95th minute, Luis Diaz scored the equalizer which made sure that the points were equally divided. And he has gathered praises for that.

Alan Shearer impressed by Luis Diaz

The former Newcastle United striker spoke on The Rest is Football podcast and lauded Diaz’s performance. He said,

“It was a really good header at the far post, good cross in and he climbed above the defender.

Might have taken a little deflection off the defender but good for him.

I don’t know how he can get his head around to go out and play a game when he’s going through what he is.”

It is true that the Columbian international is going through a tough time. In his country, both of his parents were kidnapped last week.

Even though the authorities were able to rescue his mother, his father is still missing.

And this goes to show how much of a determined and strong character Lucho is. He did not let this unfortunate event affect his performance, instead, he used the situation to motivate himself to push even further.

This helped the 26-year-old to get his first goal after 9 matches and he will be hoping to add more in the future. Meanwhile, all the fans and the well-wishers will pray that his father will be rescued soon.

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