Report: Liverpool want £60,000-a-week player to replace Mo Salah, one major problem

Report: Liverpool want £60,000-a-week player to replace Mo Salah, one major problem

West Ham United’s dynamic winger, Jarrod Bowen, has emerged as a potential heir to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

The speculation, reported by 90min, suggests that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp holds a keen interest in Bowen, lauding his playing style and unwavering reliability.

Challenges Ahead

While West Ham may be hesitant to part ways with their £60,000-a-week asset, recent discussions center around a potential contract extension for Bowen.

The Hammers, fresh from their UEFA Europa Conference League triumph, are optimistic about retaining the talented winger’s services.

Every Player Has Their Price

However, in the world of football, every player has a price. Should Liverpool submit a substantial bid next summer, it’s conceivable that West Ham may find it difficult to resist, especially given their history of transferring key assets.

Electrifying Record – Can Jarrod Bowen match figures of Salah?

Bowen’s impressive track record further underlines his appeal. With 137 Premier League appearances, 30 goals, and 25 assists to his name, he stands as a formidable force in English football.

His electrifying performances in the current season have not gone unnoticed, attracting interest from various quarters.

The Price Tag

Once signed for a modest £22 million, Bowen’s current market value has surged to a reported £60 million.

This figure reflects his growing reputation as a promising talent in English football.

Attributes that Appeal

The question remains whether Bowen would seamlessly slot into Liverpool’s starting XI, potentially filling Salah’s boots.

A left-footed, inverted right winger, Bowen’s tactical acumen thrives in the half-spaces, making him a tricky prospect for defenders.

While he excels in direct, goal-oriented play, his contribution to possession-oriented setups might necessitate further development.

Jarrod Bowen: A Replacement of Salah?

He works better in a counter-attacking side. Although he isn’t much of a high-volume passer, his passes are mostly very threatening, most of them originating from the half-spaces.

Bowen’s value in transition play is undeniable, with a knack for exploiting space and executing lethal runs.

His proficiency in front of goal adds an invaluable dimension to his game. Should Klopp opt for Bowen, it’s a move that could fortify Liverpool’s attacking prowess and usher in a new era post-Salah.


Jarrod Bowen’s name is etching itself into the narrative of Liverpool’s future. While contractual negotiations with West Ham continue, the allure of Anfield and the promise of silverware might sway Bowen towards Merseyside.

With both clubs poised on the precipice of potential change, the football world watches intently for the next chapter in this evolving tale.

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