Premier League – Everton 0-0 Liverpool: Player Ratings

Merseyside derby ends at a stalemate leading to a massive disappointment for the Reds, who lose more points in the Premier League.


Merseyside derby ends at a stalemate leading to a massive disappointment for the Reds, who lose more points in the Premier League. Let’s have a look at the player ratings for the red half of the Merseyside.

Everton vs Liverpool FC: Player Ratings

Goal Keepers and Defenders

Alisson Becker (GK) – 9.5/10

In the first half, there were a few respectable simple saves and some good footwork. Couldn’t stop the Davies shot that hit the post and was occasionally unhappy with his defense because of the space that Everton’s forwards were given.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB) – 4/10

Just not yet this season at the races. He had a few crucial moments, like covering on Maupay just before halftime. But overall, his defense was just 50/50 at best. He was also beaten too easily in one-on-one situations.

Naturally, crossing and passing are two of his best qualities, although, at the moment, both the lofted and fizzed balls aren’t precisely accurate.

He was taken off too soon in the last game. Even though he was trying to win. And before the hour mark in a goalless derby, it says a lot about where our main source of creativity is right now.

Joe Gomez (CB) – 7.5/10

There were a few sloppy defensive mistakes, including getting the ball stuck between his feet after a cross. This ultimately caused Davies’ shot to hit the woodwork, but overall, Gomez played well in the first half. Two significant large block challenges on Gordon and Maupay, as well as one covering sprint against Gordon on a risky counter, were significant.

Virgil van Dijk (CB) – 8/10

During the first half, when he saw a lot of the ball since we played the ball back and across our backline so frequently, he didn’t really do too much wrong. Several overhit pinged balls, but also several strong blocks and one or two successful critical aerials.

Kostas Tsimikas (LB) – 7/10

started off pretty sloppily, losing his man and being run past way too quickly by Gray. But after about 20 minutes of play, he began to get into the game and had a good battle against both Gray and Gordon.

While his crosses are still not up to par, he made some much stronger overlaps and runs forward. And overall, his cutbacks and short link passes were really good. can’t shoot for the life of him, mind you.


Fabinho (CM) – 7/10

Up and down in terms of challenges and ball-winning, which is nothing particularly new for Fab. He is completely content to stop playing by legal or illegal means. That came in handy several times today.

His distribution was generally good. And he was a crucial presence in the second half when it felt so basketball-like. He easily could have won the game with one well-placed shot.

Elliot (CM) – 7.5/10

In the middle of the park, Liverpool continues to be the most remarkable performer. He played a key role in our early control of the first half. And helped that right-sided triangle function well. And made a couple of passes between the tight lines to crack open the defense.

Fabio Carvalho (CM) – 5.5/10

He made a surprise first start given the encounter, but it was a bad choice.

It was different starting as an 8 and then coming on as an extra attacker hoping for a late goal since he was completely unable to make runs into the box.

went off at the break after getting hurt in a late tackle before halftime.


Mohamed Salah (RW) – 6/10

This season, the Reds have been so marginalized by either double-up defenses or their own tactics, frequently squeezed out and deprived of any opportunities to run in behind the defense.

He has so far been far more build-up-focused than finishing, which does not exactly make the most of his strengths.

It’s important to note Salah’s sprint back into his own penalty area for the breakaway opportunity by Maupay. But we want to see Salah enter crucial spaces from the opposite direction.

Luis Diaz (LW) – 6/10

Another of our attackers who was too narrow to actually find any space or time on the turn previously hit the post after Darwin’s woodwork.

That was about the only time he was able to execute his signature cut-in-and-whack-it maneuver. And it nearly led to a goal.

Darwin Nunez (CF) – 5/10

after serving a suspension, returns to the team. So nearly a chest and volley thumper in the style of Torres, but it was swept onto the bar.

He hadn’t really been active much until a few opportunities came his way. But he became more involved after that.


Roberto Firmino (CF) – 8/10

Second forward who came on after the break improved the Reds’ buildup play right away.
Pickford denied the ball three times.

Andy Robertson (LB) – 5/10

I’m not sure if he put in a block or a challenge. looks really different.

Milner (CM) – 5/10

went to right-back initially before switching to midfield as soon as it became evident that he was being exposed.

Joe Matip (CB) – N/A

Hello again. The squad now appears to be more full. He is healed from my injury and, hopefully, past them forever.

Diogo Jota (CF) – N/A

Back from injury and hopefully over them for good now.

We hope the Reds come over with better player ratings in the next match.

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