Liverpool defender gets a new look and the Reds fans absolutely loved it

Joe Gomez gets a new look

We are just into the World Cup mania. And the Liverpool defender Joe Gomez shows off his new look.

Joe Gomez rocks his new look

Joe Gomez appears to have used the absence of international football obligations as an opportunity to go back to a more traditional appearance by cutting off his dreadlocks.

The Liverpool star was regrettably not chosen to travel to Doha with Gareth Southgate’s team, but will instead be taking a well-deserved break before joining Jurgen Klopp in our training camp in Dubai.

Although a change in haircut shouldn’t affect his performance levels, one supporter is already crossing their fingers for the former Charlton Athletic prospect to get back on track.

A new start with a new look?

Gomez is a natural center-back; he has held the position for England’s youth teams as well as seven times during his last Charlton season. For the Championship team, he again played both full-back positions, making seven appearances on the right and two on the left.

He is undoubtedly a very flexible player who can contribute to the back four everywhere. He may take a similar path to Jamie Carragher, who played both full-back positions at Anfield before settling into the center-back position.

Gomez will have more opportunities as a result of his flexibility, and it appears that the Scousers are content to have coverage for both full-back positions this year. For a few of the last fixtures, Klopp is utilizing the English defender as the alternative for Trent. And the performance is quite decent.

There is quality and there’s no doubt about it. Klopp sees it, the boys see it, and most importantly the fans see it. There are many times when Gomez showed how good he can be. And time after time, he has proven to be a strong partner for Van Dijk.

With his new look, maybe the Scousers will get to see the young defender get back to his old form again.

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