Jurgen Klopp’s ‘calm’ discussion with Anthony Taylor following the red card

Klopp & anthony taylor

Liverpool beat Manchester City 1-0 courtesy of Salah’s goal. But in a heated moment, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was sent off by Referee Anthony Taylor.

Liverpool fans might be feeling hopeful. They might see a mid-season revival in the making. The Reds’ had an underwhelming start to the season. But they have shut all their haters and beaten Manchester City.

In the 1-0 victory over Man City, Klopp was given a red card for arguing with linesman Gary Beswick. It was after the referee did not see Bernardo Silva taking down Mohamed Salah directly in front of him.

A one-match touchline ban is likely to emerge from the FA’s rebuke of the 55-year-old. However, that procedure has not yet begun.

In the news conference he held before West Ham, Klopp stated that he would respect the decision regarding his firing. And he said that he had a “totally calm discussion” with referee Anthony Taylor following the victory at Anfield.

Klopp & Taylor have nothing but respect for each other

Klopp anticipates being there tomorrow because nothing significant has happened.

To be really honest, don’t anticipate anything happening the day before the game.

Klopp still believes that he should have dealt with the circumstance differently, as he actually does most of the time.

He explained it following the game. However, the manner the game was played may have indirectly contributed to that. There were several decisions made by both managers that they didn’t understand during the very, very tough game.

Then, this was the drop that led the bucket to overflow for him. However, it’s not pleasing to see his reaction.

After the game, Klopp was sitting in Anthony Taylor’s office and had a calm conversation about all the circumstances as well as how he and Taylor both saw the game.

It was an entirely calm conversation. But in any case, it is the circumstance. We are essentially waiting for the process now that Klopp has a red card.

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