Journalist provides a major update on Liverpool’s takeover

Significant updates on the purchase of Liverpool and the possibility that the team will be sold to an oil-rich investor have been provided by David Ornstein.

Source: DailyExpress

Significant updates on the takeover of Liverpool and the possibility that the team will be sold to an oil-rich investor have been provided by David Ornstein.

Ornstein broke the news last Monday in the Athletic that the club had been placed up for sale by Liverpool’s owners FSG. And that a thorough presentation had been prepared for potential buyers.

In response, FSG released a statement saying they “would consider additional shareholders” if it was in the “best interests of Liverpool as a club.”

“FSG remains fully committed to Liverpool’s success, both on and off the field,” they further stated.

This sparked conjecture and considerable worry about who may buy the club next. Another US venture capitalist, perhaps? Maybe a state that is rich in oil?

Liverpool has been linked to several prospective buyers. It is including Dubai International Capital, which is based in the Middle East.

Indeed, many of the club’s supporters and manager Jurgen Klopp would be unhappy with such a deal from an oil-rich benefactor. However, according to Ornstein, FSG would not sell to a nation-state.

Ornstein provides Liverpool takeover update

He believes they would also possess that moral compass. They won’t want to give Liverpool to someone they don’t trust.

He added:

“You’re already hearing rumours within the industry that they’ve rejected approaches or are not keen to go forward with expressions of interest from parties that they perhaps don’t feel are the correct route.

Jurgen Klopp has almost hinted, in their existing model, which is self-sustainable at Liverpool, that they’re unable to do that. So it will be interesting for Klopp. But I think FSG will be conscious of the same matters.

Since Liverpool was placed up for sale, director Mike Gordon has taken a backseat. And Reds CEO Billy Hogan is now responsible for his duties.

He said:

“You’re seeing the signs already that things are starting to change at Anfield because Mike Gordon, who has been in charge of operations on a day-to-day perspective, we reported – it was also in the Boston Globe which is owned by John Henry – that Gordon is going to take a step back and Billy Hogan, the chief executive, is going to be taking on greater responsibility.

Although sources have said that Mike Gordon will be working on the potential sale and concentrating on that, it has been portrayed as a natural evolution.

This is a genuine crisis; we must wait and watch how it plays out.

The FSG selling the club is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Every day a new is being rumoured to take over the club. And we must wait to finally get what’s coming.

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