Liverpool players cleared to participate in Sunday’s game as FIFA removes Sanction

Liverpool cleared to field Brazilian players for the clash against Leeds as FIFA removes Sanction.

With an extraordinary turn of events, Sources have confirmed, that Liverpool players are cleared to participate in Sunday’s Premier League match against Leeds United as FIFA has removed Sanction.

Backstory : FIFA imposing Sanction

Many Premier League Clubs including Liverpool refused to release players for South American Qualifiers. However, the refusal was due to matches being played in the UK government’s Covid Red Listed countries.

If players’ were released, they would have to be in a 10-day quarantine. Thus, they would have missed Important Premier League and Champions League fixtures.

FIFA’s Sanction

Brazilian FA was angered by Clubs’ refusal, due to which, they filed a complaint to FIFA. Thereafter, FIFA imposed sanctions on Players from participating in the next round of matches.

According to FIFA, Clubs can’t refuse to release players and this is against FIFA’s protocols.

Problem for Liverpool FC

Meanwhile, Liverpool refused to release Allison Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho. Although, according to the club, it would be safer for the players to stay in England.

The sanction would have meant they won’t be able to field these players for the match against Leeds united.

Clubs’ and Leagues Reaction

The Premier League and the clubs found this sanction unnecessary and asked FIFA to remove them.

The whole situation was very confusing as nobody knew what would happen. Moreover, even Jurgen Klopp claimed to have been in dark about the situation. Thus, this uncertainty made it difficult to decide the team.

In a press conference, Klopp urged the authorities to intervene and solve the situation.

FIFA removes Sanction

FIFA Removes Sanctions

Many reliable sources, including Paul Joyce, have confirmed that the sanctions have been removed. Thereafter, FAs of south-American countries agreed to remove the 5-day restriction. FIFA will now be removing the Sanctions, and the players can now participate in their respective club matches.

Good news for Liverpool

Liverpool FC would now be happy as they can start Allison Becker and Fabinho for the next match. Roberto Firmino will still be out for the game, due to a hamstring injury. If we believe the reports, Diego Jota will start the next game to take his place.

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