Fabrizio Romano expounds on Liverpool’s inactivity in the January window

Fabrizio Romano expounds on Liverpool's inactivity in January window

Fabrizio Romano has said that Liverpool’s inactive participation in the January transfer window is due to a specific reason. It is because the Reds desire long-term options with the present lot and want to avoid short-term contracts.

Many commentators have expressed their opinion on Liverpool’s team stating that the Reds need to add to their ranks. Many believe that Liverpool needs to focus on their midfield and get in more players for that. Yardbarker also gives us an idea of Fabrizio Romano’s update

A journalist speaking to Sky Sports said so:

They did not do any further signings in the summer and they will not anything in January too. Why? It is because have many players to focus on at the moment. Also, because they want long-term plans and not short-period deals.

Fabrizio Romano explains why Liverpool are not active in January window

Fabrizio Romano explains why Liverpool are not active in January window

However, this will certainly be necessary in the future keeping in mind the contracts that expire in 2023. Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are the names to watch out for. As of now, the trio’s journey with Liverpool has been restricted till the next year.

There are early concerns already looming around in the Liverpool camp. They have to address the average age of their midfielders. Therefore, we can expect some movement and involvement of transfers happening towards the season end. By then, they would have analyzed what they need and how to approach the summer transfer window.

Of course, Covid-19 has struck the squad with problems and this may force Liverpool to go for some players. This has created a sense of tension in the dressing room and has also resulted in the closure of the AXA training complex.

This could be a terrible phase Jurgen Klopp and his boys will have to endure. All we can hope is that they just get through this season peacefully. They will have to manage themselves hoping to end with some silverware when the season shuts down. Thus, time will unfold to us of what is to come in terms of team expansion.     

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