Clubs who have spent more than Liverpool in the Transfer Market since the Reds were last crowned champions

Liverpool spent in transfer market

A handful of fans have taken the “spending shenanigans” into social media. Since Liverpool were crowned champions in the Premier League, many clubs in the league have spent way more than the Scousers. And some fans couldn’t help themselves but wonder whether the decisions of FSG have any influence on it.

The FSG dominance in Liverpool for over a decade

If you tried to drive around Anfield throughout most of 2021 and 2022, you wouldn’t have gotten very far. As the final stage of modernization was being built, one of the roads surrounding the stadium was closed to traffic. A gleaming new Anfield Road stand will be completed for the opening game of the 2023–24 season, increasing the stadium’s overall seating capacity by 7,000 to 61,000. Liverpool prospered under FSG in terms of business!

Liverpool have subsequently continued to lay a foundation without making significant investments, although generally speaking, this has resulted in more mistakes than hits. That ultimately lost Rodgers his job because Jurgen Klopp was appointed to reverse the situation.

The Klopp Era

Klopp relished the pursuit where Rodgers had failed to stop the Reds curse. He made promises of trophies and the return of the old Anfield in his early days. Along with a lovely grin and wisecracks, he provided zeal, passion, and perseverance. The most crucial thing Klopp brought back was something that had been lost over the previous two decades: belief. Klopp had a resume loaded with accomplishments from his time at Borussia Dortmund.

And since FSG hired the German guy, we have all witnessed the emergence of the Scousers. Jurgen Klopp is adored by his fans, teammates, the entire Anfield community, and rival teams who recognize his brilliance.

At Anfield, there has been a culture change. Although the Kop was never inactive, there is a fresh vigor in the air these days. The same function has been served by Klopp’s fist bumps, post-game embraces, and touchline celebrations: restoring the sense of humor to an environment that was previously stressful.
And that enjoyment has raised the possibility of a new Reds dynasty. Nowadays, Liverpool is associated with players all over the world, a far cry from the cheap acquisitions and last-minute purchases of the past.

Clubs who have spent more than Liverpool in the Transfer Market

Here are some of the clubs who have spent (until 2021) way more in transfer window than Liverpool since 2019-20 season:

  1. Manchester United- 295m
  2. Arsenal- 277m
  3. Manchester City- 249m
  4. Aston Villa- 205m
  5. Tottenham Hotspur- 194m
  6. West Ham- 130m
  7. Leeds- 120m
  8. Newcastle United- 95m
  9. Sheriff United- 94m
  10. Wolves- 84m

The Social Media Warriors

As if the audacity wasn’t enough, there are multiple groups and pages in social media where keyboard warrior presents their displeasure without proper research to back up their claim.

It’s always about marketing right! If not, a certain English defender would have been the greatest signing in the Premier League history. The promises are there. The processes are there. And so are the results. Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the World right now. And without the influence of FSG and our beloved Klopp. it really seems impossible.

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