‘Out of This World’… Alan Shearer thinks Liverpool player has entirely changed Positions now

‘Out of This World’… Alan Shearer thinks Liverpool player has entirely changed Positions now

The remarkable resurgence of Liverpool this season can be credited to a series of factors, from strategic signings to relief from injury issues. However, a subtle tactical tweak by Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Tactical Evolution may have been the catalyst for their turnaround.

The Tactical Pivot

Towards the end of the previous season, Klopp strategically experimented by deploying Trent Alexander-Arnold in an inverted role. This innovative move saw the talented full-back seamlessly transitioning into midfield during possession, utilizing his playmaking prowess to create opportunities for teammates.

Alexander-Arnold’s Flourishing Impact at Liverpool

The tweak in formation has proven transformative for Alexander-Arnold, which is evident in his stellar performance this season with seven-goal contributions in the last nine games.

On the Rest is Football Podcast, Alan Shearer lauds the Liverpool star, asserting he has evolved into a full-fledged midfielder.

Shearer’s Recognition

Shearer’s insightful analysis recognizes Alexander-Arnold’s brilliance beyond defending, emphasizing his exceptional passing range and crossing abilities. The former Newcastle United forward contends that the Englishman’s current role aligns more with a midfielder than a traditional defender.

“I don’t think he is a great defender, Trent, but in terms of what he does for Liverpool – his range of passing, his crossing, it’s just out of this world. I would class him more as a midfielder now than a defender.”

Shearer told the Rest Is Football Podcast (via Rousing The Kop).

Long-Term Implications

While Alexander-Arnold’s versatility is a boon for Liverpool, the prospect of using him predominantly as a midfielder raises questions about the club’s plans. Shearer’s suggestion hints at the possibility of Liverpool seeking a more traditional right-back in the foreseeable future.

Defensive Criticism

Addressing the criticism surrounding Alexander-Arnold’s defensive capabilities, the report notes that Liverpool’s defensive record this season, conceding the fewest goals in the Premier League, attests to the effectiveness of their back four as a cohesive unit.

Records and Expectations

Alexander-Arnold’s impact extends beyond the tactical realm, as he now shares the record for the most assists by a defender in Premier League history with teammate Andy Robertson. With both players poised to increase this tally, Liverpool’s defensive and offensive balance seems poised for success.

Liverpool’s strategic pivot involving Trent Alexander-Arnold has undeniably played a pivotal role in their resurgence.

The club must balance his defensive contributions and increasingly influential midfield role as they contemplate the long-term utilisation of the talented full-back. Alexander-Arnold’s evolution may well be the linchpin for Liverpool’s sustained success.

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