What sources inside Benfica are now saying about Enzo Fernandez joining Liverpool

Benfica sources have opened up regarding their knowledge about Enzo joining Liverpool.

Source: EuroSport

Benfica sources have opened up regarding the prevailing transfer rumour about Enzo Fernandez joining Liverpool.

According to sources, no pre-agreement about Enzo Fernandez’s probable transfer to Liverpool is known to Benfica.

This week, there were rumours that Fernandez would be moving to Liverpool. But 90min asserts that’s not the case.

They assert that they have learned from reliable sources that Benfica is ‘unaware’ of any such deal. Additionally, the sources are cited as saying that such discourse is “premature.”

However, 90 mins does demonstrate that Liverpool is highly interested. They assert that this interest has also resulted in the first communication with Fernandez’s agents. But according to reports, that is the extent of the situation.

The World Cup finalist’s entire release clause is reportedly what the Reds would have to pay to lure him to Anfield. This is apparently worth about £103 million.

However, Liverpool isn’t the only one with interest. According to 90min, Real Madrid are “admirers of Fernandez’s talent,”. In the meanwhile, Barcelona is first acknowledged as a contender.

Benfica and Liverpool haven’t made any contact for Enzo Fernandez

Regarding Enzo’s move to Anfield, things appeared to be accelerating. But this serves as a reminder of how intricate these arrangements may be.

It’s never simple to bring in a player after a World Cup victory. Moreover, Fernandez’s was among the best-performing in recent times.

At the age of just 21, he has already started for Argentina. And he has quickly established himself as one of the top young midfielders. He still has a chance to win.

That has a price. Moreover, Rumours say that Fernandez’s release clause is about £30 million less.

This level of interest in one of their talented young players is nothing new to Benfica. They have experience handling negotiations with some of the most significant football underdogs.

They won’t blink. That much is certain. Liverpool will need to act swiftly and make a significant investment if they want to sign Fernandez. Moreover, Contact should be made if it hasn’t already.

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