Reports: 26-year-old will now miss Real Madrid clash due to injury

Wait for Luis Diaz continues as the Liverpool forward is set to miss the Real Madrid tie

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Liverpool forward Luis Diaz, who returned to training, isn’t ready to participate in the Madrid tie, as the wait for the Colombian continues.

After being thrashed by Real Madrid in the first leg of the Round of 16 Champions League tie, Liverpool are looking for a miracle to beat the three-goal deficit. Luis Diaz taking part in his speedy recovery led to speculations he could be back for the Madrid trip, as the Reds seek to turn around the tie in the second leg. 

However, the reports of Daily Mail poured cold water on Liverpool fans’ wish as it is claimed that although the 26-year-old has indeed improved the intensity of his rehab, he is still miles away from his comeback.

Luis Diaz nearing his return for Liverpool but won’t be in the rescue mission at Madrid

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The Colombian who arrived in the January transfer window of 2022 for a £50 million move from FC Porto, played exceptionally well in the second half of the last season in the Liverpool shirt. The winger was instrumental in the Reds’ march towards the quadruple, however, with expectations sky high, the winger is yet to replicate his last season’s form as his knee injury at Arsenal on October 9 has derailed his progress, who waits for his return.

The Colombian was initially sidelined for eight weeks without footballing action for the problem which was decided not to require surgery. However, after his return to the mid-season training camp in Dubai, Diaz underwent surgery keeping him out of action for at least three months.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp provides an update on the winger’s injury update and is convinced he will make a major impact on the remainder of Liverpool’s season but the manager does not see the return in the second-leg tie against Real Madrid as Liverpool faces a mammoth task in Bernabeu.

Liverpool who face Wolves next in the Premier League tie on Wednesday night, are chasing a top-four finish. Klopp is hopeful of Diaz contributing to the hunt for the Champions League place, but it’s just not Madrid.

Speaking ahead of the Wolves tie, Klopp said:

I’m positive about him that there’s a good chance to have a real impact in 10, 11, 12 games maybe. We will see how long it exactly takes. It’s estimated that maybe next week he will be warming up with the team and then maybe a week later being in team training. That would be cool.

He also added by warning though, saying

But you always have to wait. On Tuesday I saw a very intense session, a lot of change of direction and stuff like this. If there is no reaction from that, then he can make the next step. Then I think he is not too far away.

Liverpool are up for the Wolves’ challenge next again at Anfield, which marks the fourth meeting between the sides this season. In the previous meeting, Liverpool were beaten 3-0, suggesting Klopp and Co. need to be at their absolute best at home against the visitors.

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