Liverpool owners FSG in talks for ‘last three years’ over potential $4bn deal

FSG Liverpool sale

In a strategic move to further broaden their sports empire, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), owners of Liverpool FC, are eyeing a potential entry into the National Basketball League (NBA).

The revelation comes from Gerry Cardinale, founder of RedBird Capital Partners, an FSG partner, confirming their three-year-long exploration into launching an NBA expansion team.

FSG’s All-Star Portfolio

FSG’s current sports portfolio is already a powerhouse, including Liverpool FC, the Boston Red Sox, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and a stake in NASCAR’s RTK Racing.

LeBron James, an FSG stakeholder, is a key player in this expansion plan and expressed his desire to bring an NBA team to Las Vegas upon retiring from professional basketball.

Vegas: The New Sports Mecca

With the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament currently hosted in Las Vegas, the city has become a sports Mecca, hosting major events like Formula One and housing NFL and NHL teams.

FSG’s interest in Vegas aligns with the NBA’s potential expansion plans, which could see the league grow from 30 to 32 teams.

The Price of Expansion

While ambitious, the endeavour comes with a hefty price tag, with Cardinale noting the significant increase in NBA team valuations over the past three years.

The potential cost of launching an NBA expansion team is estimated between $5.5 to $6 billion, showcasing the financial commitment required for such a venture.

FSG’s Varied Sporting Ventures

Despite challenges faced by FSG’s teams, such as the Pittsburgh Penguins experiencing a playoff drought, the overall growth trajectory remains strong.

FSG’s expansion into the newly-formed Technology Golf League and ongoing discussions as a potential partner for the PGA Tour underline their commitment to diversified sporting ventures.

Future Prospects and Reflections

As FSG continues to explore new horizons, the confirmation of their NBA expansion plan solidifies their standing as visionary sports owners.

The move, led by LeBron James, not only enhances FSG’s global sports footprint but also presents an intriguing parallel narrative to their rich history, including a surprising managerial interview with Manchester United legend Mark Hughes for Liverpool FC.

In a Nutshell

FSG’s strategic growth mode remains unabated, fueled by diverse sporting ventures, iconic partnerships, and a keen eye on potential opportunities.

With LeBron James in their lineup and Vegas as the potential playing ground, FSG aims to score big in the NBA, adding another marquee team to their illustrious collection.

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