Liverpool jubilant about future as Pep Lijnders executes a 10-year plan

Liverpool jubilant about future as Pep Lijnders executes a 10-year plan

Liverpool are overjoyed on hearing Pep Lijnders 10-year plan for the club. He was on the sideline for Liverpool during their match against Chelsea. The Dutchman will find his way back and that seems good for the club’s future.

We really cannot predict the future in football and it would be foolish to do so. There are many possibilities and changes that may occur unexpectedly and that makes it all together much riskier to predict. Thus, we cannot rely much on predictions and their possible outcomes.

At present, Pep Lijnders is having a great time with Liverpool and the future could be wonderful. He is planning on a long-term stay which means that he might take over as boss in the near future.   

Pep Lijnders is currently the assistant manager of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool and has been with them since 2014. He has the praise and support of Jurgen Klopp which is why he may be the right candidate to replace him.

Liverpool delighted about Pep Lijnders 10-year plan

Liverpool delighted about Pep Lijnders 10-year plan

It may feel these days that assistant managers do not make great managers, but that was years ago. And with a team like Liverpool in hand, the demands sky high and so are the responsibilities. This makes it a lot more challenging.

There was obviously a lot of communication with Klopp. Since he got tested positive for Covid, this meant the duty fell on the shoulders of Pep Lijnders. He could manage the team against Arsenal and Shrewsbury depending on when Klopp would come back.

Looking at his endless efforts on the side-line, questions have popped up regarding whether he could be the next manager. The feeling is truly great when you have a look at the future. The line-up he picked against Chelsea was fantastic. According to, it remains a question whether Pep Lijnders could replace Klopp.

It remains to see now how Liverpool will compete in other competitions with Pep Lijnders in charge. They are playing across four competitions and till Jurgen Klopp returns, Pep Lijnders has got a lot to prove.

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