Liverpool gets Inter Milan in Champions League redraw

Liverpool gets Inter Milan in Champions League redraw

Liverpool saw themselves drawn against Inter Milan in the Champions League round of 16 redraw. Due to some technical issues, there occurred an error. Therefore, the draw had to be redone. There were changes of course in the result of this draw with respect to the previous one.

Liverpool are one of the best teams in the world right now. The Reds topped a tough group B comprising of Atletico Madrid, Porto and AC Milan. This also enabled them to be the first English club to win all six group games.

Liverpool were earlier drawn against RB Salzburg in the first draw. However, they got a tougher opponent in the redraw finding Inter Milan. This could be annoying for Liverpool fans but they know they have got the firepower to take on anyone.

The Reds are definitely expected to make it to the quarter-finals after a nice joyous ride in the group stage. Jurgen Klopp’s men will ensure that they all recover soon for the knockout stages. With an overall tight schedule piled up for the rest of the season, this will be a big test.

Liverpool should focus ahead after Champions League redraw

Apart from that, the arch-rivals Manchester United were drawn against Paris Saint-Germain in the first draw. Football fans all over were happy with this expecting another Ronaldo Messi battle. Unfortunately, that changed in the redraw. Manchester United now face Atletico Madrid while Paris Saint-Germain faces Real Madrid.

This seems to be an endless fight for European supremacy as the fixtures now look enormous. The road for Liverpool in the Champions League this season has looked tricky. But the Reds made it look so easy with their amazing performances. Speaking with Liverpool FC, Jurgen Klopp had his say on the redraw.

The first leg is going to take place on the 16th of February 2022. While Liverpool welcomes Inter Milan at Anfield for the second leg on the 8th of March 2022.

As the Reds move on into the knockout stages, they will look to raise their bar to another level. Liverpool will have to manage with the current injury crisis before heading forward. The upcoming January transfer window will be a vital one to fix this issue.

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