‘It seems stupid’: Alan Shearer can’t believe what he’s saying about Liverpool attacker

‘It seems stupid’: Alan Shearer can’t believe what he’s saying about Liverpool attacker

Alan Shearer commented on Mohamed Salah’s performance in the recent Merseyside derby, where Liverpool defeated Everton.

Despite Salah scoring two goals, Shearer mentioned that he didn’t think Salah played his best. Shearer noted that Salah’s touch seemed off, and he struggled to control the ball while running with it.

However, Shearer also emphasized that despite these issues, the most crucial aspect is putting the ball in the back of the net.

He mentioned that if he were in Salah’s shoes, he would gladly accept playing poorly as long as he continued to score goals.

Alan Shearer on Salah

Salah has been exceptional this season, with impressive all-around performances, except for a controversial game against Tottenham.

He has been consistently scoring and assisting in matches. In the Merseyside derby, he netted two goals, one from a penalty and the other during a counter-attack in stoppage time.

Shearer told The Rest is Football Podcast:

“He didn’t play that well though, did he?! I mean it seems stupid, but his touch was off. It wasn’t working for him running with the ball.

But that doesn’t matter, does it? You get two goals. Thank You very much and away you go.

Give me playing rubbish every week and let me score goals. I wouldn’t have cared how I played. I would loved to have played well every game. But I would play rubbish every week, as long as I scored.”

Said Shearer.

After just nine Premier League games, Salah has already accumulated seven goals and four assists, and it’s expected that he will achieve double figures in both categories by the end of the season. His performance is likely to silence those who have criticized him for being “selfish.”

With Salah’s contributions, Liverpool appears poised to secure a Champions League spot for the next season and could even challenge for the Premier League title. The only concern is their defense, as their attack is performing at a high level.

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