Hungary Manager SLAMS Liverpool’s Szoboszlai After SHOCKING Performance Against Ireland!

Hungary Manager SLAMS Liverpool’s Szoboszlai After SHOCKING Performance Against Ireland!

Liverpool players are gearing up for summer tournaments with international friendlies. The Reds have multiple players preparing for the European Championships, with standout performances and disappointing showings alike. And among them is Dominik Szoboszlai, who has recently faced criticism from the manager of Hungary.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been the highlight for Liverpool after he scored a stunning goal for England and earned rave reviews. He is set to travel to Germany with England and play in the midfield role.

This will provide Arne Slot plenty of food for thought as he works on shaping his first-ever Liverpool squad.

But if Trent plays in midfield, it will be interesting to know who will partner him there. Unfortunately, while Trent mesmerised the pundits his potential partner Dominik Szoboszlai is gaining quite opposite reviews of him.

Szoboszlai Disappoints Hungary

Szoboszlai is the team captain of Hungary. He is also the poster boy and main player for his country. Under his captaincy, Hungary have enjoyed an impressive unbeaten run. They are even the potential dark horse for the Euros.

But the expected star of the tournament Szoboszlai is suffering a dip in his form towards the end of the season. Jurgen Klopp even benched him in the last few matches.

The graph of his decline in form appears to have continued into the summer. Szoboszlai made his first start since April 24th in a 2-1 loss against Ireland, playing the full 90 minutes.

But speaking to Hungarian outlet Nemzeti Sport after the game, manager Marco Rossi suggested that he had been far from impressed by Szoboszlai’s showing. Rossi claimed:

“This time his [Szoboszlai’s] game was mediocre, Roland Sallai had a better day this time.

Of course, he had good solutions, as always, but he also made unexpected mistakes that are not typical of him – but mistakes happen in every footballer’s life.”

At the tender age of 23 Szoboszlai has his best years ahead of him. Liverpool fans will hope to see him in full form at Anfield. Despite his recent struggles, his talent is undeniable.

But he has always performed reliably for Hungary even when struggling at the club level. This recent dip in form for both club and country is alarming though.

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