“Anything for 3 points”- Jurgen Klopp gets stopped by police last night

Jurgen Klopp caught for speed limit by Police

Prior to a high-voltage match against the Italian side, Klopp gets stopped by police for speeding.

Police stops Jurgen Klopp for speeding around Anfield

It’s not a regular thing to see Jurgen Klopp being stopped by the police for speeding. And who can blame him? Yesterday’s match against Napoli was intense indeed. The Italians have gotten a win against the Reds on their home turf in the opening match. And thus, this one was going to be intense

However, the Scousers stomped on their winning parade as Salah and Nunez opens up the net late. The fans were overjoyed in the stands of Anfield and back at home. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s boss gets his 400th match milestone last night. And the win against Napoli was the cherry on top.

The Darwin Nunez storm

Here is Jürgen Klopp’s new plan B: let Darwin Nez loose and enjoy the mayhem.

The Uruguayan striker is an appropriately unpredictable remedy for Liverpool’s erratic season. When Nunez is singing, football isn’t heavy metal. This more closely resembles punk rock anarchy.

An unlikely victory over a talented Napoli team, who experienced their first defeat of the campaign without fully understanding how thanks to Nunez’s 18-minute cameo.

His entry into the match was a game-changer because of the havoc he wreaked with his quickness and the physical intimidation he inflicted on Napoli’s previously composed defenders. He also assisted Mohamed Salah in the 85th minute before scoring his first goal in front of the Kop in injury time.

This was his fifth goal in the last seven games. Erling Haaland won’t be concerned about winning the golden boot just yet, but given that Liverpool’s striker is reputedly making approximately £750,000 less each week, he is beginning to deliver value.

Set pieces were the initiative for both goals. Néz displayed his threat with a thunderous header to assist Salah in tying Steven Gerrard’s record of 41 goals in Europe for the team. The second after Virgil van Dijk was the provider, Nunez was in the ideal location to nudge. The entire evening was chaotic. Thus, full of drama energy and Anfield electricity can drive you over the speed limit.

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