Injury Update: A possible date of return for Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk injury return date

Dr. Rajpar Brar evaluates the source of Virgil van Dijk’s hamstring injury and projects when the Dutchman will be able to return.

Van Dijk was taken off in the middle of Liverpool’s 3-1 loss to Brentford in the beginning of January; at the time, it was assumed that his departure was a precaution. The Scousers await for Van Dijk as his presence in the backline is always a contributing factor for Liverpool’s success.

Virgil Van Dijk’s hamstring injury

The hamstring, which is typically referred to in the single but is actually a set of three muscles that run from the posterior (rear) section of the leg down to the knee, has been hurt in Van Dijk. In addition to stabilizing the hips and knees, the hamstring muscles are also the main movers for bending (flexing) the knee and stretching the entire leg behind you.

Additionally, they are in charge of preventing the leg from accelerating in front of you when it straightens (eccentric control). One of the most often injured muscles in football is due to the muscle’s continual demands.

Because it assists in supporting the same duties as the ligament, the hamstring group is frequently referred to as the “surrogate ACL.” As a result, when a player returns after having their ACL repaired, the strain on that hamstring may rise as they reach their pre-injury levels. That added tension might make injuries more likely.

When can we expect to see Liverpool’s no. 4 return

The number of games he has played in the top division, especially after recovering from his multiple ligament knee injury, and the caliber of those games are testaments to his dedication and preparation for fitness. A better degree of injury resistance and a speedier recovery time are made possible by this increased level of fitness.

According to extensive research, 30% of professional footballers reinjure their hamstrings within two weeks after returning to play. As was said previously, the muscular group is under a great deal of demand.

Van Dijk‘s exceptional fitness and dedication, as well as the top-notch Liverpool physio team, will help prevent that from happening. Thus, we can expect Liverpool’s no. 4 to return to the Reds training sooner than later.

The Dutchman is expected to make a return just before Liverpool’s crucial Champions League clash against Real Madrid.

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