Frank Lampard’s Bold Claim: Mo Salah Surpasses Foden as Premier League’s Best Winger!

Frank Lampard’s Bold Claim: Mo Salah Surpasses Foden as Premier League’s Best Winger!

Mohamed Salah tops Frank Lampard’s chart despite blind order!!!

In a recent TikTok clip that has gone viral on social media, Chelsea legend Frank Lampard engaged in a blind ranking challenge featuring some of the Premier League’s top wingers.

The challenge included Michael Olise, Phil Foden, Bukayo Saka, Cole Palmer, and the £34m Liverpool star Mo Salah.

Despite the random and often unfair nature of blind rankings, Lampard made it clear that Salah is head and shoulders above the rest, regardless of where the order placed him.

Salah Tops Lampard’s Charts

Lampard was caught in a tricky spot when Salah was the last name out of the hat, leaving him in the fifth spot. However, with honesty and respect, Lampard could not let this stand.

“Mohamed Salah should be number one for what he’s achieved over the past few years.

Mohamed Salah should be one, this is on camera, Mo, Mo Salah should be one for what he has achieved over the past seven years,”

Lampard said to ESPN on TikTok. He wanted to make sure that the audience knew his true feelings. The Chelsea legend’s declaration sparked a heated debate among fans and pundits.

While some praised Lampard for recognising Salah’s contributions, others pointed out the absurdity of the blind ranking system.

Salah’s journey in the Premier League has been nothing short of spectacular. Since joining Liverpool, he has shattered several records and set new standards for what it means to be a top-tier winger.

With more goals than any other player in his position and an astonishing efficiency rate, Salah’s legacy is historical.

Of course, Ryan Giggs has a trophy cabinet that would make most players green with envy. But when it comes to individual impact, no other wide player in Premier League history can come close to Salah.

And yes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s name inevitably pops up in this debate. However, in terms of consistency and longevity in England’s top flight, Salah’s extended reign edge him ahead of the Portuguese’s Manchester United stint.

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