Checkmate Challenge: Mohamed Salah Sparks Duel with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

Salah wants to play chess with Magnus Carlsen

Liverpool’s iconic forward, Mohamed Salah, not only dominates the football pitch but also boasts a passion for the cerebral game of chess.

Despite a lucrative bid from the Saudi Pro League, Salah remains a vital force at Anfield, scoring 10 goals in the current Premier League season.

Mo Salah Addicted to Chess

Contrary to the stereotypical image of a football star’s life revolving around the game, Salah confesses to being addicted to chess. In a candid admission to Sky Sports, he states,

“I play chess, I am addicted to chess. Every day, literally every day.”

His rating may not match up to Magnus Carlsen’s, but Salah confidently quips,

“I’m good, I’m not Magnus, but I’m good. No one has a chance with Magnus.”

Magnus Carlsen’s Response

The world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, known for his love of football, including a Fantasy Premier League team featuring Salah, responded cryptically to Salah’s challenge.

Carlsen posted on social media, tagging Salah with a waving hand emoji, hinting at a potential showdown on the chessboard.

Footballers vs. Carlsen

This wouldn’t be the first time Carlsen has faced a footballer in a chess match. Trent Alexander-Arnold, Salah’s Liverpool teammate, previously challenged Carlsen but succumbed to checkmate in a mere 17 moves. Salah now aims to be the next footballer to take on the chess maestro.

The Potential Showdown

As the chessboard duel looms, Salah expresses his eagerness, saying,

“But hopefully, we will play one day.”

The convergence of Salah’s football prowess and his chess addiction adds an intriguing layer to his multifaceted personality.

Salah’s Stellar Football Performance

While Salah’s off-field chess antics captivate attention, his on-field brilliance remains unscathed. The 31-year-old winger has netted 12 goals and provided five assists for Liverpool this season.

Amidst rumors of a potential move to Saudi Arabia, Salah’s commitment to chasing more titles in England remains unwavering.

Mohamed Salah’s intersection of football and chess exemplifies the diversity within athletes’ interests.

As the chessboard beckons, the prospect of a duel between Salah and Carlsen adds a new dimension to their respective fan bases, bridging the gap between two seemingly disparate worlds.

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