UEFA proposes a new 36-team Champions League format

UEFA proposes a new 36-team Champions League format

UEFA is introducing a new 36-team Champions League format starting from 2024. This format will award 2 berths to countries with the best-combined performance in Europe during the previous campaign.

All you want to know about the new Champions League format

UEFA and the European Club Association have reached an agreement on access to the redesigned competition.

UEFA has dropped the idea of awarding two spots in the new 36-team league phase based on individual clubs’ European results over a five-year period. Moreover, the proposal seemed like a safety net for failing big clubs.

Instead, UEFA will give two spots to clubs from the countries that performed the best in Europe the previous season. That would give England, along with Holland, an extra slot.

The other significant amendment passed in Austria was shortening the new Champions League phase. Group Stage is again reduced from ten to eight matches. This change, of 10 matches, was first proposed in April last year to follow the ‘Swiss system.’

ESA and UEFA together gave statements in relation to this change. Both the bodies Reaffirmed their strong commitment to open competition and sports merit principles. Moreover, they acknowledged the importance of protecting domestic leagues.

ESA in a statement said:

As the representative voice of the clubs who participate in these competitions, ECA has long championed reforms to make club football across all European competitions more sustainable, inclusive and successful.

UEFA originally approved changes to the format in April last year. But the formation of the Super League overshadowed the announcement.

This format included a leap from the current six matches to 10 and the awarding of two places to clubs based on historical performance over five seasons. Also, provided, They had done enough to qualify for one of the other two UEFA club competitions.

The domestic leagues in Europe were against the increase in matches and the proposed coefficient. Even after the concept was changed, they opposed preventing teams from leapfrogging domestic rivals into Europe’s elite club championship.

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