An important win against Villa soured by the injury of Fabinho

An important win against Villa soured by the injury of Fabinho

Liverpool took an important step toward the Premier League title as they defeated Aston Villa. However, Victory was bitter-sweet as Fabinho suffered an injury against Aston Villa, but Sadio Mané secured a massive win. He wasn’t the only hero on the night, either.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

The Reds won an important do-or-die game against a tough Aston Villa side.

The Merseyside team came on to the match dropping points to Conte’s Spurs in a 1-1 draw. So, this time pressure was on them, as City has already taken a 3-point lead at top of the table.

Liverpool won the match, thanks to the goals from Matip and Mane. Although, it was not an easy win as the Home side made them sweat for it.

Heroics from Matip and Mane

Joel Matip’s fate appears to be continuously neglected. Despite scoring a crucial rapid-fire equalizer, he will not take too many plaudits from the win over Aston Villa: for the first time, it is not Van Dijk but Liverpool’s new go-to man who is overshadowing him.

Without Mané, there would be no title charge. Since Klopp’s remarkable decision to play him down the middle, he’s been on fire, and the winner against Villa was the latest in a succession of crucial goals. His mentality embodies the entire team’s, which will undoubtedly earn him a ‘good’ rating from the manager.

But, Matip’s contribution to the match should not be overlooked. As, he made a lot of defensive contributions to the game, helping the Reds not to concede another goal. And he truly is our Man of the Match.

Hamstring Injury of Fabinho

Fabinho’s injury made this important victory less enjoyable.

Even though the Mané has kept the title alive, it was already a long chance going into the game.
Meanwhile, there are two more enormous pieces of cutlery up for grabs. It now appears almost unthinkable that Fabinho will play against Chelsea this weekend; the Champions League final is also hanging large in the Brazilian’s and his manager’s minds.

Liverpool must stay in the league and be ready to capitalize on any Manchester City mistakes. Klopp was rightfully chastised for fielding a severely depleted team at Villa Park, where a chance to draw level at the top was on the line. However, losing Fabinho in what appears to be the most diminutive crucial remaining race will be highly frustrating.

Now, it will be really interesting to see how Klopp deals with the situation. There are three titles on the line. And without a doubt, Fabinho is the most important piece of Red’s midfield puzzle.

The Reds take a really important victory to the FA Cup Final against Tuchel’s blues this weekend.

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