Thierry Henry speaks about the legacy of Liverpool at Anfield

Thierry Henry speaks about the legacy of Liverpool at Anfield

Former France player and Legend Thierry Henry pointed out a very ‘specific point concerning’ Liverpool at Anfield.

The Football pundit recently spoke on how having huge history at the club and what makes them ‘perform’ at the highest stage.

The French star was joined by Liverpool legend Jammie Carragher in a recent chat, discussing the legacy of big clubs.

“Liverpool under Anfield Lights”

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Champions League nights and Liverpool’s Anfield lights are quite synonymous, having a long-lasting history. Be it victories against Olympiakos in 2004 (3-1), Real Madrid in 2009 (4-0), the most recent against Barcelona in 2019 (4-0), and many more.

Perhaps it’s the Stadium itself, with the lights turned on and the Kop roaring, the famous arena produces an electrifying atmosphere. Moreover, history speaks for itself under the pressure of playing at Anfield, many opponents have crumbled.

Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry’s take on it

Carragher and Henry were involved in a Chat for BT Sport recently wherein, the former went on to comment,

Over the last few years, two of the best teams we have seen in the Champions League, certainly Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain has so much money they don’t have that history of falling back on it. Do you think that’s something that does stop them and helps teams like Real Madrid or Liverpool, in the past, who haven’t been one of the best teams in Europe? But they will find a way to get to a final because of that history…

To which Henry remarked,

You played at Liverpool, Man United (points at Peter Schmeichel), less now. But, the stadium, the history. It does things to you. That’s why Liverpool, back in the day. When the cup comes, and the games are under the light at Anfield, the Bernabéu, they understand those moments. They will make it happen. Chelsea beat them (Real Madrid) last year, but not at the Bernabéu.

“History to fall back on”

Both stressed the fact that having a history of winning the UCL, helps in getting to the next level. Let’s take Man City or even PSG for example, both the teams have the best players from around the globe but lack history when it comes to UCL.

PSG having ‘possibly’ the best front three on paper; Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar still faltered and failed to progress.

Man City through this year already have one leg in the Semi-Finals, could this be their year of writing their own history? Only time can tell.

Another magical Anfield night awaits the Reds, as they take on Benfica tonight, with a two-goal advantage.

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