The new purple Liverpool kit might make the fans go crazy

Liverpool 2023/24 new kit

Launching a new kit is always exciting. And Liverpool might just go purple with their new kit for 2023-24.

Liverpool to go purple with their new kit?

Van Dijk in Liverpooll's new kit

For the 2023–24 season, Liverpool is anticipated to wear “space purple” as their third uniform, with a new anticipated design likely to polarize fans. Nike‘s top designers and executives will be finishing up the kits for the upcoming campaign, which includes one for Liverpool, as the end of the year comes closer.

The Reds are presently in the third season of their long-term agreement with the US company, and among supporters, the alliance has mainly been well-received. Of course, there are certain uniforms that have garnered more interest than others. This season, there are two contrasting examples: a dubious white away uniform and a striking dark green third uniform.

It’s all about the colors

The next season is probably going to be the same; leaked 2023–24 colorways indicate that Liverpool will wear “green spark” for the away kit and “space purple” for the third. Reliable sources have already disclosed the home jersey, and now Footy Headlines has predicted what the away jersey will look like.

The primary color will be “space purple,” which has already been seen in this season’s home goalkeeper uniform, while Footy Headlines predicts a “clean and modern style.” They speculate that this would involve using white for the LFC badge and logos and “gridiron,” a dark grey, for the side trim of the jersey.

“The template is anticipated to be relatively similar to the 2022/23 season,” with all three of Liverpool’s jerseys for this season sporting an all-over design contrasted by little accents and straightforward collars.

The likelihood assigned to their prognosis is just 75%, it should be mentioned. Prior to that, there were purple accents on the Warrior third kit for 2013/14. Liverpool’s outfielders last wore purple during the 2018/19 season when they won the Champions League.

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