Liverpool receives a major boost as 3 players return to training ahead of the Carabao Cup clash

Liverpool Carabao Cup clash

Liverpool gets three major boosts as they proceed to face Manchester City in the 4th round of the Carabao Cup.

Liverpool are back at it as they are ready for Carabao Cup

As Liverpool ramped up their preparations for this week’s match against Manchester City, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, and Alisson Becker made their returns to the AXA Training Centre on Monday.

The trio received a week of recuperation after their World Cup performances helped their respective countries, Brazil and England, advance to the quarterfinal round of the championship.

A 33-member Liverpool team, who had spent nearly two weeks in the Middle East playing in the Dubai Super Cup during the Premier League’s six-week break, returned to Merseyside over the weekend. It would be challenging to defeat the Sky Blues. The lads, on the other hand, exude confidence and appear eager to resume their winning streak.

Carabao Cup shenanigans

Manager Jurgen Klopp said on Friday that the trio may go to the Etihad on Thursday. He did add, though, that Virgil van Dijk wouldn’t be risked after having played five times and leading the Netherlands to the last eight.

On Monday of last week, captain Jordan Henderson, who was also a member of the 26-man Three Lions team, paid a visit to the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai to catch up with his teammates before engaging in some informal training there in preparation for his return to the AXA Centre this week.

As the World Cup ends in a thrilling manner, the boys are eager to get back on the pitch. The season has been sluggish. However, Klopp and the Scousers seem to be getting back on the track.

There is a lot to do in the League if they wish to be in the top four by the end of the season. And make no mistakes, there is a lot of areas for improvement. However, the locker room and Klopp are well aware of it. The Reds return to the pitch against Manchester City and they won’t settle for less than a win.

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