The first-ever safe-standing Premier League game for Liverpool confirmed

The first-ever safe-standing Premier League game for Liverpool confirmed

Liverpool are all set to feature in their first safe standing Premier League game on 2nd January against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

With this, the 25-year-old ban on standing in the top two tiers of English football comes to an end. It was confirmed on Wednesday that approved clubs are now able to operate licensed safe standing areas from January 1, 2022.

Chelsea along with Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Cardiff City will be the teams that are trialling the new process of safe-standing pilot across English football. The trial will see the use of rail seating, a place where fans can stand throughout the game.

Chelsea have confirmed that the safe standing will be in operation from January 2nd, 2022. Both the home and away sections will have rail seating at Stamford Bridge.

Safe Standing for Liverpool at Anfield

Liverpool installed 1,800 temporary rail seats in the Kop at Anfield before the start of the 2021/22 season. With 7,000 coming to use in the Anfield Road Stand by the end of next month. Liverpool will be doing their season-long trial regarding the safe standing.

Liverpool have rail seats in Anfield which allows the spectators to stand safely at specific key moments but they have to sit down again. The Reds don’t want to be part of the new program which allows the fans to stand throughout the game as they wish. Anfield will be an all-seater this season and will consider the operation after reviewing this whole season.

The Merseyside giants are all set to play their first Premier League safe standing game against Chelsea which will also be very important for both the teams concerning the title race.

Meanwhile, the safe standing will see the beginning of a completely new experience for modern fans. While the reason for the ban was the tragedy at Hillsborough that led to the deaths of 97 Liverpool fans. Thus, this is why standing in the top two tiers was banned from 1989.

The only drawback of the safe standing program is if you are a person who likes to sit and watch then that’s not the place for you. Yes, you can sit but other people might be standing because that is the new feature in the stadium. Thus, the feature will embark a new journey in the history of English football again.

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