Stunning new footage of Anfield Road end follows

An incredible video of the construction taking place at Liverpool's Anfield Road end was taken by Mister Drone UK.

Source: SkySports

An incredible video of the construction taking place at Liverpool’s Anfield Road end was taken by Mister Drone UK.

A drone was deployed to fly over Liverpool’s stadium and shoot new, breathtaking footage of the new Anfield Road stand expansion.

The renovations will complete on time for the start of the upcoming season. This will be when 61,000 supporters are present inside Anfield, adding to the legendary ambience.

The 300-tonne roof tussle was put into place in July. This went to mark an important turning point in the construction process. Mister Drone UK’s footage is proof of the progress made.

Only Old Trafford, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and the London Stadium have a larger capacity than the 7,000 more seats on the Anfield Road stand. Moreover, this will make Anfield the fourth-largest stadium in the Premier League.

Anfield Road end footage

The construction of the stand takes place after that of the Main Road stand. Hence capacity is intact. Billy Hogan, the CEO of Liverpool, felt that the 18-month construction schedule was ambitious but doable.

The 18-month construction plan that we have set is aggressive. But Hogan told fcbusiness that the project is on track, within budget, and on schedule.

According to him, Liverpool have always been clear about the value of investing in Anfield. And this extension will enable Liverpool to enhance the fan experience for our followers.

Using two 600-tonne crawler cranes to do the heavy lifting, it took 30 expert engineers about 12 hours to construct the truss in record-breaking heat. The cranes cooperate to complete the challenging manoeuvre, putting it onto the haunches. Thereafter, one crane was in charge of any movement “forward and backwards,” and the other was in charge of movements “side to side.”

When everything was lined up, the cranes kept everything in place until it could be fastened with bolts. Totalling 25,000 bolts, the towers, haunches, and truss are put together.

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