Sadio Mane’s message to Liverpool staff after leaving Anfield

Sadio Mane’s message to Liverpool staff after leaving Anfield

Sadio Mane joined Bayern Munich this summer. This sadly ended Sadio Mane’s incredible Liverpool journey in which he won every possible trophy and was pivotal to the club’s success.

Sadio Mane went on to sign with Bayern Munich this summer after six years with Liverpool.

During his tenure at Anfield, Mane rose to legendary status. His departure was, therefore, a painful one. According to journalist Christian Falk’s Twitter account, Mane sent a note and a gift to the personnel at Liverpool’s practice facility.

We can finally see the specifics of Sadio’s message on Twitter. The following is what the new Bayern Munich star sent in a letter to the Liverpool employees.

“We have celebrated great victories together and created an incredible story in the last 6 years. You were always with me in good and bad times. In my heart you will forever have a special part. Thanks for everything.”

Why was Sadio loved so much by Liverpool fans?

Mane’s attractiveness as a player stems from more than simply his prowess on the field. While at Liverpool, he consistently came across as a truly humble and thoughtful individual away from all the razzmatazz of the Premier League.

He has frequently shown this by being kind to the residents of his hometown in Senegal.

Numerous Liverpool residents will undoubtedly have stories to share about Mane’s generosity. From sanitizing the restrooms at the neighbourhood mosque to designating a goal celebration for a supporter with learning challenges. Mane was a gold mine.

He was, of course, a standout athlete. Fans will miss him for the contributions he made to Jurgen Klopp’s squad.

He has already scored twice for Bayern as he adjusts quickly to life in Germany. His work ethic and toughness will be missed by the Reds just as much as his goals.

It’s time to move on, though.

Mane’s absence will undoubtedly be blamed by some for Liverpool’s failure to win their first two league games. However, that is the last thing on its mind.

Mane and Liverpool frequently fought while their previous no. 10 was in the lineup. We won’t know for sure whether Mane misses The Reds or vice versa until the season is over.

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