Paul Scholes is furious with Man United and speaks about Jurgen Klopp

Paul Scholes is furious with Man United and speaks about Jurgen Klopp

Paul Scholes claims Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is one of the two managers who wouldn’t consider the Man United job.

Man United legend Paul Scholes was absolutely furious after the Red Devils crashed out of the Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford.

The defeat means Man United will go another season without a major trophy.

Moreover, Paul Scholes commented about the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp after Man United’s elimination from the Champions League.

The Old Trafford legend feels apart from Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Man City’s Pep Guardiola, every other manager in the world should be available for the managerial job at Man United.

Speaking after the game, Scholes said on BT Sport:

We can’t talk about Guardiola and Klopp, that’s not possible.

But any other manager in the world should be available.

Strikes fear into players

After Tuesday night’s defeat, Man United have got a top-four place to fight for the season. Which indeed is looking tough.

Scholes claims are absolutely correct, as the Red Devils are being termed as a “FALLEN GIANTS”

In recent times we have seen many of the big European giants have fallen apart. AC Milan were once a big heavyweight champion in European football but the world has seen Rossoneri’s decline.

We can also eventually say Barcelona, their decline from Stardom. Let’s be honest, Barcelona are one of the two big clubs in the world besides Real Madrid.

The Catalan club’s crippling debt crisis, thrashed from Champions League group stage, out of La Liga race early in the season should be enough to say Barcelona are not the Barcelona the world used to know a decade ago.

Similarly, Manchester United, another giant of world football have dropped standards on the football pitch. Sir Alex Ferguson made the club the dominant force within the English game during the Premier League era.

But since Ferguson’s departure, the club has fallen apart. And Tuesday night’s defeat against Atletico Madrid means they end the season trophyless. Moreover surprisingly, this is the fifth season Man United will finish the season without a single trophy.

My Gosh, can’t believe we are talking about Manchester United.

Current manager Ralf Ragnick is the fifth manager since Sir Alex Ferguson left his managerial role back in 2013.

Moreover, the club finds itself in a position where finishing in the top four is a big task. Interestingly the club brought back their legend Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2021.

Surely, he must be regretting his decision to come back to Old Trafford. Unless helping Man United finish in the top four was his goal at the start of the season.

The Old trafford legend completely Rip into Man United

Before the start of the Man United game against Atletico Madrid, Paul Scholes rightly claimed United are lacking a coach of Ferguson’s stature.

He also used Klopp as a modern-day example of a manager he’d love to have at Old Trafford.

The Englishman said:

You need a manager that strikes fear into players,

Sir Alex Ferguson had that, have any of the managers since him had that? I don’t think so.

It’s a special talent to have as a coach. Those Man City players under Pep (Guardiola), those Liverpool players under Klopp, they’ll get away with nothing.

These players here (United) for the last two or three years have got away with murder.

Manchester United find themselves in a similar situation to Liverpool around a decade ago.

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