Moments you have missed from Liverpool’s Champions League game

Moments you have missed from Liverpool’s Champions League game

Liverpool resumed their journey in the Champions League with a hard-fought 2-0 win over Inter.

As Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino found the back of the net, here are some other moments from the match you have missed out on.

Missed Moment from Liverpool vs Inter in Champions League

The first moment involves Thiago’s livid reaction to a certain moment during the same. The Spaniard demands very highly of himself and when things don’t go his way, these reactions are pretty common.

This particular incident took place in the first half. Thiago made a brilliant block to break Inter’s assault towards the Reds’ box. However, he couldn’t keep the ball in as it rolled out for a corner.

The Spaniard beat the ground in frustration. Oh, the pressure of a Liverpool Champions League night!

The second incident also involves a player who demands quite highly of himself. Virgil Van Dijk. The 30-year-old had a brilliant game against Inter Milan but there was a moment for which he had to apologise.

The Dutchman had amazing ball distribution against Inter, however, he did make a poor pass to Fabhino. The Brazilian was heavily marked by Inter players. However, Fabhino was able to move the ball away without any problems. Van Dijk then raised a hand in apology.

The game also saw Egyptian King Mo Salah giving his shirt to a supporter. The supporter was asking for the Liverpool stars jersey during the Champions League game and Salah made sure to give it to them after the game.

Liverpool’s Champions League game was refereed by Szymon Marciniak. Marciniak and Mane don’t have the best of relationships. The Polish referee had been the one in charge in Liverpool’s game versus Atletico Madrid.

His lack of protection saw the AFCON winner being taken off by Klopp before he was sent off.

This time as Mane and Vidal clashed, there was not only a hint of danger but also anger from Mane’s side. He was given a ticking off, but the Senegalese kept his cool.

These were some moments you may have missed from Liverpool Inter Champions League.

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