Mo Salah Barcelona update and more on Liverpool key players ‘transfer’

Mo Salah Barcelona update and more on Liverpool key players ‘transfer’

An update by the Liverpool boss on the squad & Mo Salah, who is currently linked with a move to Barcelona. In a major development, it can be understood that two forwards are going to leave the Reds this summer.

The decision comes after lack of time for both the players, making it ‘better’ for them to leave.

The Mo Salah-Barcelona saga

It occurs as reports claim that Mohamed Salah, whose contract at Liverpool expires at the end of 2022-2023 season, may be willing to make a switch to Barcelona this summer.

The reports from the other side (Barca) suggest that they are ‘very attentive’ to Salah’s situation, considering him more financially ‘feasible’ than landing Erling Haaland.

With only a year left in his contract, he would definitely consider all options. As his contract extension talks are doing the rounds, he may as well look to move out.

Takumi-Divock Transfer

Jurgen Klopp has sent an open transfer message, keeping the strongest Liverpool squad of his term beyond the end of the season is “unlikely.”

With pretty less game time under their belt, the star forwards are in a position to look place elsewhere after this season. As admitted by the Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp that it is “really tough” to keep so many players happy.

It is crazy because we still have Divock and Taki on top of that,” Klopp told Sky Sports. “It is incredibly hard for him and for me as well because it is really tough these kind of things. Taki is in an incredible moment.

Being still left with plenty of options at the front, Klopp would definitely have all the bases covered, going forward.

On Liverpool Squad

It is unlikely with the size of the squad that we now stay exactly like this together. For sure, some of the players do not play often enough for their own understanding and we will see what will come in the summer and find solutions for those situations. But the core of the group has to stay together. There is no doubt about that.

Is what Klopp had to say about the squad ‘size’ and ‘composition’.

On the other hand, Liverpool would definitely look to ‘cash’ it out if unable to convince for an extension. As it would be better for them to ink a deal now rather send Salah on a ‘free’ transfer.

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