Michail Antonio left shocked after what he’s seen about Liverpool forward on social media

Darwin Nunez learning English

Michail Antonio says he could not stop laughing at a video on Liverpool’s striker Darwin Nunez where he ‘missing a push’ on social media.

Nunez has become a laughing stock for the rival fans. The Uruguayan international is struggling in the Premier League. His hefty transfer fee has made things more complicated for the new Reds’ signing.

West Ham United’s Antonio admits he was tickled by some of the things he saw about the Uruguayan on the Footballers Football Podcast.

Antonio on Nunez

Antonio said

“When we played him away some of the strikers he was doing were like ‘ohhh’. Left foot, right foot, always hitting the target and making our keeper pull off some unbeleivable saves”

He also added

“But it’s stuff I’m seeing on Instagram and social media where he just getting destroyed!”

“I swear there was one stage where everyone was pushing each other and I swear, it was like ‘he’s even missed the push’, I couldn’t believe it, I was dying mate. But I was like I swear this guy has got 14 goals this season!”

The Uruguayan international is clearly struggling of confidence right now but it could be just a matter of time before he bounces back to his very best.

The 23-year-old has played 15 matches in the Premier League, where he scored 5 goals and has provided 2 assists. He has an expected xG of 8.1.

But currently, the ex-Benfica star is not performing at the level as it was expected. This could be because PL is more of a physical league or it could be because he needs time to adapt to a new league.

Although whatever the reason may be but nobody can deny his potential.

Currently, the Reds are sitting in the 10th position in the league and they desperately need Darwin to perform. The Merseyside fans are crossing their fingers that he picks up and removes the smirks from everyone’s faces very soon.

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