Man United 0-5 Liverpool: A classic one from the football poet Peter Drury

Man United 0-5 Liverpool: A classic one from the football poet Peter Drury

Man United 0-5 Liverpool, Peter Drury excellent commentary got the fans buzzing. It was Peter Drury on-air commentating while Liverpool beat rivals Manchester United 5-0 on Sunday evening. The English commentator, who commentates for the audience in the football world, did an excellent job once again.

Peter Drury has been doing a fantastic job commentating for many years and has gone viral lately. Therefore, he has grabbed the attention of fans from all over, causing them to fall in love with his words.

Drury is a true genius when it comes to commentary and he did so by showcasing his class on Sunday. He was amazing in this huge tie that saw Jurgen Klopp’s men ease past The Red Devils at Old Trafford.  

This result was one of the most embarrassing defeats in Manchester United’s history. The home side was pinned 0-2 down in the first 13 minutes. Naby Keita opened Liverpool’s account by netting in the opener of a Mohamed Salah assist in the 5th minute. Diogo Jota gave The Reds the cushion by scoring the second in the 13th minute, assisted by Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Liverpool talisman Mohamed Salah made it 0-4 for the visitors on the brink of halftime. He successfully completed a hat-trick soon after the second half began. The condition worsened for Manchester United as Paul Pogba was sent off with 30 minutes to spare.

However, Liverpool did not score goals any further in the course of the final half-hour. The Reds looked slow towards the end as they were reluctant to push further. Thus, the match ended 0-5 in favour of Liverpool.

Man United v Liverpool: Peter Drury Commentary

When Liverpool was leading 0-4 nearing halftime, this is what Peter Drury said:

It does not get worse than this. Given the context of the game, the history and meaning, it’s beyond cognizance for the score being 0-4 at halftime.

On Mohamed Salah’s completion of his hat-trick, this is what Peter Drury said:

He is on a hat-trick here at Old Trafford and he captures the moment. This man is extraordinary, the match and scoreline is extraordinary. Liverpool fans all over the world will frame that picture and keep it forever.

He also added at the final whistle, saying:

A scoreline for a generation. A scoreline for a lifetime. This scoreline will echo down the ages in English football history. Mohamed Salah scored a hat-trick this day. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to drink it. Has to interpret it somehow, has to react to it somehow. His job seems impossible. This result for Manchester United was impossibly bad. Manchester United, nil. Liverpool, five.

Peter Drury is indeed one of the world’s best commentators. The true poet in the world of football. He makes people fall in love with the game of football through his poetic vocals.   

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