Exclusive: Liverpool Star’s Shock Move Revealed – City Football Group Makes Multi-Million Dollar Offer

Exclusive: Liverpool Star’s Shock Move Revealed – City Football Group Makes Multi-Million Dollar Offer

Luciano Rodriguez, Liverpool star winger is on the verge of a multi-million dollar transfer to City Football Group, indicating a potential shift in South American talent to European clubs.

Rodriguez From Liverpool To Man City group

The latest news around the football world revolves around the City Football Group’s imminent acquisition of Luciano Rodriguez, a highly talented winger from Liverpool Montevideo and a sensational star in the Uruguayan football circle.

As integration of their current strategy to cherish and nurture promising South American talents, City Group aims to add Rodriguez to their roster, following the footsteps of other successful acquisitions like Yan Couto and Savio who have flourished and put their talents on a show in a loan move at Girona.

Star Winger For A Huge Amount

While Luciano Rodriguez has attracted interest from Brazilian powerhouse Palmeiras, his preference seems to lean towards a move to Europe, making City Football Group the frontrunners in securing his services.

River Plate, another potential player, appears to be lagging behind in the hunt for his signature to seal the deal.

However, reports indicate that Luciano Rodriguez is on the brink of sealing a deal with LaLiga team Girona, with talks progressing towards a $15 million transfer fee and a five-year contract.

Rodriguez This Season

Luciano Rodriguez is already sending waves across South America with his 4 goal contributions in 14 matches, also earning himself a spot in the Uruguay national team.

Rodriguez’s accomplishments at the youth level, including winning the 2023 FIFA under-20 World Cup, highlight his potential as a future football sensation, further elevating the anticipation surrounding his impending move to the La Liga side Girona.

A star on the verge of European football, a player to look out for the future fans are eager to see where he ends up next season.

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