Liverpool transfer roundup – Luis Diaz, Origi and Phillips

Liverpool transfer roundup – Luis Diaz, Origi and Phillips

As we step into the January transfer window, we can see the interesting Liverpool transfer moves that may happen. There are three potential names that are been discussed in the last 24 hours. This is going to be vital as to who Liverpool keeps and offloads.

The three names highly spoken about in the recent hours are of Luis Diaz, Divock Origi and Nat Phillips. Luis Diaz, the left-winger is continuously being eyed by the Reds and could possibly move to Anfield this time.

Liverpool will also look to get rid of some weight as they plan on offloading Divock Origi and Nat Phillips. Since these three players are on the radar it seems that Liverpool will have a busy time in the January window.

Liverpool transfer deals that can happen

Liverpool transfer deals that could happen

Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz is a powerful, prolific and athletic left-winger with pace, skill and agility. As he moves he looks to cut on his stronger right foot quite often. The Reds have been familiar foes of Porto in the last four years and thus would have observed him closely.

The Portuguese could join hands with Diogo Jota if his move to Anfield turns out to be successful. His worth is believed to be between 50 to 67 million pounds. Recently Record have strongly claimed that the 24-year-old could move to Liverpool this window.  

According to some reports, Porto values their No.7 at 80 million euros (67 million pounds). There are chances the price could come down to 50 million euros (42 million pounds). While Luis Diaz had signed a 5-year contract when he arrived at Porto.

After joining Porto from Junior de Barranquilla two-and-a-half years ago, he has been impressive since then. Therefore there is scope for him to move to Anfield with the Reds highly interested in him.

Divock Origi

Divock Origi may find himself on his way out. He has gained interest and favours from Italy with his price possibly being 7 – 10 million pounds. However, he prefers to stay back in the Premier League.

Nat Phillips

Nat Phillips too is on the verge of a change. He is been wanted by Watford and also 3 clubs from Serie A. Looking at the severe competition in the Liverpool team right now, he may make a move away from Anfield. Nat has got great potential and can enhance himself elsewhere.

Anfield Home verdict

According to us, we feel that the move most likely to happen is that of Nat Phillips. The Luis Diaz deal will take more time and we could see him join Liverpool in the summer. While the legend Origi might also be on his way if a decent offer arrives.     

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