Liverpool preparing with penalty expert ahead of  the Champions League final

Liverpool preparing with penalty expert ahead of the Champions League final

Since 1992, Liverpool will play their fifth Champions League final this weekend against the Spanish giants Real Madrid in France.

As both, Premier League and La Liga have now finished for both the finalists, they can now concentrate on their last game of the season with an aim to become the Champions of Europe.

Moreover, Liverpool have finished second in the league but have already won 2 trophies in England and will look forward to ending their season with three trophies and the Reds are working hard for it.

Also, the journey of Real Madrid in this UCL have not been easy as they knocked out PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City to reach all the way to the finals and will be looking forward to winning their 14th UCL title.

Liverpool working hard for the Champions League final

Liverpool are again working with neuroscientists before the Champions League final as Jurgen Klopp has acclaimed the German group neuro11’s penalty expertise.

Jurgen Klopp credited the group neuro11 for their brain training exercises with the squad which were very helpful for the Reds in their final matches against Chelsea in FA Cup and the Carabao Cup.

They got in contact with us a few years ago. They are neuroscientists and they said we can train penalty shooting. We said really? That sounds interesting, come over. And so this trophy is for them, just like the Carabao Cup was.

Jurgen Klopp said

As the Merseyside club were training in Kirby on Wednesday afternoon, the neuro11 duo Dr Niklas Hausler and Patrick Hantschke were training with boys just 3 days before the big night in France where these two clubs will again fight for the trophy.

The final will be played at Stade de France after the performance of Camila Cabello. The stadium will be seen in white and red and the stadium has a capacity of more than 80 thousand people.

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